Black/White? Who gives a rip…

Going to work to me is more then fun. It’s exciting! Just when I think I have everyone happy and swinging from the same hip somehow a wrench gets thrown into the system. We get accused “ALL” and I do mean all the time of being prejudice. It simply amazes me that when someone can’t understand or win a disagreement the race card gets tossed into the arena of life. It stinks actually but it’s a draw of the hand we constantly have to combat. Believe it or not I actually have a handle on it at Jack’s House. If I hear anyone pull out the race card I jump on it. More times then I care to even count I’ve had to stand face to face with many that want to say we don’t like blacks. Usually after talking to the person we canput the fire out. IF we can’t come to an understanding then I simply show them the door. If they believe we are racist then they don’t need to eat this white woman’s food. I won’t put up with it. I can’t afford to simply because it’s far from truth besides it breaks down unity. Freddie and I don’t run a white ministry, we run a people ministry. But here’s the problem this week…. Like I said those that come to our church actually love us and we love them. (White or Black) The race card at the moment has been buried inside the ministry. Outside um it’s been a bite in the tail. This whole week-end has been rough. As many know Mary has a camp and now Robert has put up a tent next to hers to help her out. After Robert set up/// Greg the guy who was staying with Mary left and began to play his hand. That hand being, we (meaning the church) don’t like the blacks. It’s odd how “WE” keep being brought into the story.Greg is black and we have helped him out just as much as we have Mary. Greg left the camp saying he was going to burn it down which has Mary scared. They can’t call the police. Chris has now set up a tent and Chris is black. It has been hell all week-end. Robert who has a bad temper and doesn’t get along with Chris. Nobody gets along with Chris. I’ve had to throw him out of a recovery meeting once. He’s young and obnoxious. Has nothing to do with color. He starts trouble everywhere he goes. This week-end Robert and Chris beat each other up. As Robert put it “He lost”. Mary called Missy for help and Missy raced over to the camp and tried to restore order. Once she pulled out her cell phone and told them the next one that threw a punch was going to jail. It stopped! I was really proud of her she was amazing. Wish I could have been there but as everyone knows it was a really good thing I found out after the facts. Then it stirred up again last night. This time Chris went after Mary. Race issue once again was used as the battle field. Crazy! This time it was going on midnight and Mary couldn’t reach anyone at church. She had no choice because of how volital the situation became so she called 911. The police did come and he told them all if he got called again they all were going to jail for “tramping”. So Mary is scared. She’s so sweet and doesn’t need this drama. It’s such a shame and we all have our hands tied many times due to the fact we can’t solve everyones problems. It can wear you slap out!. Pray for Mary… her tent is all she owns. Chris said he was going to rip it apart. It’s not much but to her it’s a mansion. Pray for us to stay balanced. Emotionally we need strength… Today was calmer. Ok, maybe tomorrow will be.  This is one example of what we do 7 days a week in and out of the church.   It’s unbelievable. Hey Missy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Andrew, need to know anything I might have forgotten to inform you. NO, Dean missed this one.                      Thanks for listening.


3 Responses to “Black/White? Who gives a rip…”

  1. Oh wow, what a weekend. When you can’t find another reason for your anger, blame race. It’s wrong and they all know it but it’ll get used regardless. I pray you have a better week ahead. Chris

  2. lol. i think u covered everything.

  3. Glad to know I covered it Batman… Chris started agin last night about 1am. Something to do with a brown mattress. Mary said he calmed down quicker this time. Oh he said he was going to bring a black church down there to take care of the white church. ALL talk I can assure you.He smokes crack so usually that’s what’s talking. I’ll run into Chris and I’ll have my say. Till then we move forward.

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