Suicide Jump Stopped

Last night at church a man stopped by for help. A homeless man was wanting to commit suicide by going off the 14th Street Bridge. Street Donald told the man to go to us for help. About 5 of us went to the bridge and found the man. We all know him well and therefore I won’t use his name. We were able to get him up and off the bridge. Pete kicked his mouthwash into the river. Mouthwash makes them do some wild stuff due to all the chemicals in it. They can become impossible to control at times. Anyhow just when we thought all was well with this fellow I found out after I went home he was back at it again. Some of the men from Church went back out to the bridge. This time an ambulance took him to the hospital. We haven’t seen him all day so hopefully he’s getting help. Last week we called an ambulance for a man after breakfast that was suicidal. They kept him one day and released him back onto the streets with NO medication. We’ve been keeping an eye on him but we’re not at the Church 24/7. We do all we can do. Mental hospitals have no money and can no longer keep patients. Sad to say, many die. Pray Pray Pray! We need wisdom above finances. Lives balance in the wind every day here. So many look to us for help because the government lets them down. I pray for the Lord to give me a voice for these people. I think I have the voice, I now need an arena to speak in.   j


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