Wynnbrook Baptist Invasion

We were invaded… by some of the greatest youth in Columbus. (Our youth are the greatest in Phenix City.) Youth minister Chris Jones and his wife Laura from Wynnbrook Baptist Church brought theiryouth over to serve the homeless breakfast this morning. It was fantastic! They brought sausage and biscuits, orange juice, milk and a whole lot of energy mixed with love. We let the kids do what we normally would do and everything went really well. The men totally enjoyed having their pictures taken with some of the youth. Many of the men know Chris and were so excited seeing him there. They love to see a familiar face that they haven’t seen in a long time. For sure we’ll have to do this type of thing more often. Our youth ministers Dean and Andrew were on hand to help out and have made plans for our two Churches to get together in the near future. Youth many times get a bad rap out there in the world. Today was a day they should be proud of because they’re all wonderful kids. They reached out to people that so many will walk by as soon as they walk out our doors and never give them a second look because of how they dress and where they live. Jesus can break those walls down for us to see in people what He sees. Thank you for showing the love of Christ Wynnbrook Baptist to our friends here in Phenix City Al.    I love you all. 

street-0013  street-0053


2 Responses to “Wynnbrook Baptist Invasion”

  1. How awesome!!! Great things are happening with those kids!!!

  2. When kids get involved, you know that the future is going to be secure. They’re preparing to take over when the time comes, and seeing first hand what’s happening in Phenix City is sure to open some eyes and make others more thoughtful of what’s going on around them. Bless them all!!

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