If  this week is any indication of what my year is going to be like I’m not sure I have the stamina to continue. However when I settle down and think about it, in a days time there is a  lot of fun to make up for the tough moments.

All day I had to watch “Mouthwash” Joe walk back and forth in front of the church. When he came in this morning he was pretty straight but by 1 o’clock he went down hill. The mouthwash puts them on their tail. At one point he laid down in front of the office doors. He never went to sleep. He just laid there with his eyes open.

This morning “Shaky” Roy was released from jail and ended up at the church. He was shot out and full of so much anger. I tried talking to him but he was so vulgar I decided I had enough. When I tried to walk away he would cry and beg me to stay. Finally I told him that because of his anger he was scaring me and I didn’t trust him at that moment. He told me he was sorry but the next thing I knew he was cussing me again. We called the police, they came but didn’t take him. I’m sure that as I write this he has made his way back to jail. I wish I knew how to help him. Roy truly is a sweet guy. He’s just so full of anger.

Freddie and I were talking tonight. There are some like Roy and Joe that we just can’t seem to get through to for whatever reason. Maybe one day we will, or maybe not. Helping them all is what we do no matter what. Them receiving that help is an entirely different matter. I am wowed by the fact that some are even still alive. Or that their brains even function. God is merciful beyond anything I have ever seen when it comes to His love for his creation. Second chances… over and over.

After dealing with Roy I looked out across the 14th Street Bridge and noticed  Columbus police out there making all the men pour their beers into the river. Then they made them all come over to Phenix City. Crazy! Again, while I write this I’m sure Phenix City police have already run them back onto the bridge.

To top it all off we have a man that is living in a van in the parking lot out front and he also owns a truck that is parked next to the van. Not a small truck. A big truck! For three days he’s been sitting outside in the van. He doesn’t drink and is really a nice man. He just has no place to go.He comes into church every morning to get coffee. He receives1800 a month from VA and explains that he can afford to buy his own food. His wife just died and he doesn’t want to find a place to live right now. So so many men go to the streets after their wives die. He said he has no other family members in the whole world. So we’re it!


One Response to “Today!”

  1. A new year, a new challenge. God won’t give YOU more than you can handle so somehow, you’ll manage these new situations. I’ll pray for more strength for you!!

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