Publisher Needed>>>

Anyone want to publish a book? I’ve been in a lull for awhile now with my first book. At first I did my homework and found out the protocol to get a book published. Went even to the library and cked out a few books on “Book Publishing”.  I thought I got it, now lets do it!!!

I did it all right. I sent out many and I do mean many synopsis to several publishers. AND, I received back many and again I do mean many Thank you but no thank you letters. I kept all of them. In a way it’s kind of cool just to know they read it and found a reason not to take a chance on me. First time publishing for a nobody is extremely difficult. Oh I can pay several thousands of dollars and self publish it but call me bull headed if you like but I won’t do it. One reason being I have no extra thousands sitting in my cking account the last time I looked and second reason is I do believe that God will have His way. It’s His story anyway. I just happened to be the one He chose to live it out.

So again… does anyone know a publisher that wants to publish the next Best seller? I’m working on my second book. This ones been tougher. Finding time to work on it has been so hindering. Freddie asked me tonight if I wanted to join him and some others from the Valley Rescue Mission pass out sandwiches tomorrow around 3 to homeless people. I looked at him like he was crazy. I believe if I try to squeeze one more thing in right now before I get this second book rolling I’ll be banging my head against the wall by midnight.

To many sometimes what I do seems so insignificant. “Oh you write books…well then you can stop what you’re doing and do something I want you to do.” What I do is one of the many hats I wear. (Write books, pastor a church, lead the music in church, feed breakfast to homeless people, take care of a home and a 16 year old son, council people many times a week, have 2 addiction class’ every week, make meetings around town) I know I left things out however!!! My point is “I Need To Publish A Book”  HELP!!!


3 Responses to “Publisher Needed>>>”

  1. Well, imagine that! Checking out your ministry and came across this blog…I also read a couple of other days and truely enjoyed it. Thank you and God bless you for the light that you are bringing into the area. My place of residence is at 10th and 16th st…just up the road from you.
    Try this one…
    Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

  2. It’ll happen-in the right time…I wish it could be TODAY though!!

    Keep writing, and feeding, and pastoring…

  3. This is one of the most popular ways to get your book published on your own. I know nothing other than it’s very popular, so give it a look (when you have time, sorry, had to say it!):

    Best of luck! Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t forget yourself in all you do.

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