Please, someone tell me it really “is” Thursday and I have only one more day before the week-end…not that that matters. What a week thus far.

Our new “food/shower program” went into effect on Monday. The transition from over 50 people down to about 20 for breakfast every morning has been wonderful. Our regulars that are members of our church love it. How do I say this without my men sounding wimpy. They have been jealous of all the other men that were coming in and stealing their attention they were getting from us. I mean come on these men are true core homeless guys. They would scare the you know what out of you if you didn’t know them and yet they are very, let’s say… attached to us and they do not like to share with outsiders. You simply have to meet them to understand. The ones we had to turn away took it well. Some had something smart to say, others I’m sure tried to bring prejudice into it. And still others excepted it great and moved on. I am so glad. I wasn’t in the mood to have to argue about the new program. Let’s not forget that everyone can get into the program but they have to follow the new rules. I can hear the rumble on the streets by simply using the “R’ word!

As I mentioned in another post, “Shaky Roy” got out of jail. Believe it or not he still is out of jail and has appoligized for being so rude to me and to Missy. Roy honestly is a Teddy Bear but has a mean streak a mile long when drunk and provoked. Usually I can bring it back under control quickly but Monday he was determined to be rotten and I was determined not to put up with it. I’m glad he didn’t go back to jail tho. He’s doing much better. Missy keeps him pretty straight and he complains that she doesn’t give him any slack but only to cover the fact he “loves” her attention.

Sunday night Robert decided he wanted to start a fight out on the bridge with the “Big” boys. I do wish I was there to see this one when it went down. He has anger management issues that we have been working with him to control but this night he forgot what he has learned. Air Force Joe just got back out of jail and Robert really mis-judged Joe and what he could get away with. Robert started a fight with “Crack” Chris. Joe and Roy stayed out of it until Chris was loosing the fight really bad and Joe tried to stop it. Then Robert went for Joe. “#1 mistake”… Joe said he open hand slapped Robert and told him to stop. #2 mistake… Robert didn’t stop so Joe slapped him again. #3 mistake… Robert came after him again and … Ok you got it, he slapped him a third time. # 4 mistake…Robert pulled out his phone to call the police. You don’t do that when you have guys around you on probation. (Dumb move for Robert) Joe took the phone and threw it into the river. Now you have to know Robert. He just bought the new phone, he loves his phone. He stays on his phone “all” the time. He just watched it sail out over the rail of the bridge, into the water. Guess what, Robert left Joe alone. Shaky Roy thought Robert threw Joes phone into the river so he got up and Kicked Robert a few times. Robert went back to camp a little more sorer and has no phone. All week we all have had fun making jokes about that one. All the men have made up and Joe is now keeping an eye on Robert. Trying to be a big brother to him.

Yesterday “Little Roy” and “Parking lot Ed” just about tore each other apart in the kitchen at church. Long story on what that was about. Two of us jumped in between them and kept the peace. I took Ed outside and Freddie had a talk with him and he’s relocated. Little Roy went back home so hopefully they won’t see each other for awhile.

Last night at church I had just about all my men from the streets in church at the same time. The service was calm and quiet and suddenly I start hearing someone talking. I turned around and it was Chris. (Crack Chris) He came late and I didn’t know he was inside. He was sitting by himself and he kept mumbling. I got fed up with it because he was trying to antagonize Robert and Street Mary. (from three rows back mind you) I got up and went back to him and he got up to leave. Problem solved? Um No! He went to the door and Missy and a few ushers went to the door because he then decided to have his fit right outside the church doors. All this while the service is nicely going on inside. I got up again to see what all the noise was and I find Missy ready to call 911 and some ushers trying to keep Chris outside. Thank God you can’t see the doors from inside the sanctuary. Pastor would have had a fit. I got into at this point and I pushed Chris outside and told him to get! I told everyone else to go sit down and I told an usher to lock the door. If we remove his audience then maybe he will go away. He didn’t go away. He stood in the middle of the parking lot yelling. I again found an usher and told him to call 911. I had a church full of homeless men and if they find Chris being disrespectful to the church they will hurt him. I had about 20 min. to solve this one. The police came and didn’t take him to jail. They just told him to go back to Columbus. I had a few unkind words with the officer and left it at that. Chris disappeared down the river walk before service was over and nobody got into any fights.

So you say today is Thursday? “Mouthwash Joe” showed up this morning too drunk to sit up or stand. By 11 AM he went to jail. He was doing pretty good for about 3 weeks. Not great but good. He is one person that is an excellent example why you shouldn’t take that first drink. I’m sure he never guessed that first drink would end him up sleeping on cement and drinking mouthwash many years later.

Earl was stopped for the third time this week from jumping off the bridge. They always take him to the hospital and he is out by morning. No medication… no help. Will someone be there to stop him the next time? We sure hope so. I haven’t seen him today. I’ll keep everyone updated. He needs so much help.

I must get back down at the church. I have an Addiction Recovery Class at 6. Oh boy… I wonder what will be on every ones mind tonight. The meetings may I say are never dull, quiet, or boring. An hour will fly by in no time. I just want no more fighting for the rest of the week. Maybe I can get a few pictures tonight. I haven’t taken any in awhile.

Walk in peace everyone and it may sound corny but just love each other. It’s simple to do and lasts a lifetime.  j


2 Responses to “Thursday????”

  1. yeah i can’t believe all that happened last night. we miss all the drama when we’re back in the youth room. lol.

  2. What a week. I pray that things will be quiet for a few days at least. Whew…

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