Now heres a thought///

gardenBecause of all the cold weather every ones battling right now around the country I thought about adding just a little sunshine to my page. Here it is… I wish I had taken this picture but I didn’t. I wish I was where this picture is but I can’t be so I’m just going to have to find it in my heart. Sounds corny but can be done.

Been a really nice week so far. Getting a lot of work done. I took a short break to tinker here on the computer and say whats on my mind about some stupidity I heard about.

I have known for several weeks now that there are some people that read my blog. Of those people they have been very cruel to say the least with their comments. They want to have a say about what we do at WVM but enjoy sitting on their cans doing nothing to help people but take great joy polluting the air with their foul despicable words that seem to flutter to the ground before they can accomplish their sting. Thank God! I have been accused of trying to make a name for myself and want everyone to look at me. We had a good laugh over  that one. By the way “we” is #’s that these readers have no idea of. Not just 3 people. Try a couple hundred…anyway…

One thing I have truly understood more then anything over the past eighteen years is “Stupid is as Stupid does”. What else can be said. Pity? I have none. Mercy from God? I pray does happen for their sakes but as far as having us for breakfast, lunch and dinner? It only gives us incentive to strive even higher because obviously the devil wants to shut us up. So… we ignore and go on.

For all of you that back us not only financially but with the really cool phone calls, letters, and personal visits and wonderful lunches (that this group I’m referring to will never see or hear about because I won’t talk about it) I want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting us when the fight gets long. Thank you for the special comments that build life and not want to destroy what only God can build.

I truly am having the time of my life and I don’t care who knows it. These men and women we work with have more dignity in their pinky then the ones that want to see WVM fail have in their entire being. Which isn’t much. God help them. They haven’t offered one shoulder yet for my friends to cry on or  a smile that could spring hope once again into depression. Selfishness? Oh you bet ya. But hey, they aren’t my problem and I nullify their comments as quickly as when hitting delete on a computer.

OK I said it. Who’s for Pastor Freddie and I and this ministry? Who’s not/ I don’t care. Thank you everybody that reads and Oh by the way… I have blog stats/// even when you’re just lurking around I know who you were.


2 Responses to “Now heres a thought///”

  1. AMEN Sister Jaye!!! The devil is nothing but a liar, and those that listen to his voice are sad, pitiful and lonely people who have no idea the freedom of getting off of themselves for just one minute, and reaching out to offer hope and love to those who would otherwise not get it. The reward of this work completely out weighs the negative remarks of the ignorant. I wouldn’t trade the honor of being involved in this ministry, for anything else in the world. I could care less if anyone ever knows my name, as long as they see Jesus in what we do. And thank God almighty that lives of men and women a changing right before our eyes every day. We serve a Mighty Savior Named Jesus Christ, try him sometime!!!!!!!


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