God uses the babes

stree09-009Man what a week -end. So many of the men are frustrated I’m sure due to how cold it has been. Therefore fighting has risen among them. Today was no exception. Missy and Pete thankfully were able to keep the 2 from drawing any blood. I still have no idea why they went to throwing punches. I was in a meeting and had no idea it was happening. Thanks you 2. I must be training you well.

Anyhow/// tomorrow night we are going to address this situation further. Our addiction recovery class has grown to the point it’s standing room only. Maybe we can get some things worked out with each other to stop the urge to settle it with fists.

Picture here are a few of the men we work with and are members of the church  playing air hockey Friday night in the youth room with one of our little members Destin. The laughter that came flowing out of that room brought tears to my eyes. For just a little while they were able to do something normal and it took a little boy to show them how  to laugh again. Everyone forgot that they were mad at anyone. Nobody wanted to fight. It was super… God is so good.

Destin has no idea that God chose him to help restore “normal” back into mens lives that night. He’s a great kid that loves Jesus. He just looked at them like they were his grandpas and could care less where they sleep at night or what they drink.

This friends is what we do is all about. Not only are the adults involved, but so are our kids….


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