Donnie/my Donnie….

Pictured here is my buddy Donnie. He stopped by yesterday to visit. We hadn’t seen him for awhile. He has gotten off the streets and quit drinking mouthwash and has lived with his brother Jack the past four months. Donnie had to get a new I.D. and it was the first time his brother left him back with us. Right across the street from the 14Th Street Bridge.  We were really nervous. Tim was so happy to see his good friend again and we left them alone for awhile outside to catch up on what only Tim and Donnie could catch up on. When we got back they were still out there talking. Then we took Donnie over to “Open Door” to catch the bus to get his I.D. and he was to call Missy when he got back. 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock… no word from Donnie. We now were surrendered to the thought he was drinking some place. Someone said they saw him on the bridge and our hearts sunk. I sent someone out to the bridge to ck on him and they came back and said he wasn’t there. Missy called his sister-in-law and told her what we knew. NOTHING! At 6:30 his sister-in-law called back. Donnie was at her house. He decided after he got his I.D. to hop on a city bus so nobody would have to worry about him and catch the bus back to his brothers house. We of course all laughed and held back tears. He “DIDN”T drink!” I found Tim and told him the good news and Tim was so happy for his dear friend he lost to sobriety. Donnie’s first test and he passed. “PRAISE God!” God is faithful to those who put their trust in his hands. Donnie is someone I want the world to meet! In my first book I wrote about him in great length. He’s a treasure and pleasure to be a part of my life these 3 years. Below is a picture of Donnie about a year ago.  Look what the Lord has done.stree09-0011100_0621


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  1. thats right! whether people want to believe it or not, God is changing lives. and He’s gonna keep on doing it no matter what people say.

  2. Jaye, this is simply wonderful! I know how special Donnie is to you and the fact that he came back for a visit, and went home safely says a lot about both him and your ministry. I know that it wasn’t too many months ago that you worried about whether he would live or die, he was in such bad shape. You have done an awesome job-one down, many more to go!!!

  3. Many more to go is right… Tonight we had a class and nobody was coming. We looked outside and a cop was parked in the parking lot. Missy, I and Kim got into our cars and went and picked them up. That way they weren’t out in public drunk. It worked. The cop left and we had another full room. We try to beat the cops at their own game at times. They have been leaning heavy on them. Keeping then on the bridge. Remember we have no homeless problem here. Every picture on this blog other then Mary’s camp was taken in Phenix City. They just poof appear out of nowhere. OK I’ll let it drop. Donnie looked great!

  4. Awesome story!! So glad that he has the strength to resist the urge to return to the old life.
    He seems to be on the right road. The church has given many the strength to move forward. Pray daily that God touches all of the souls of the men and women without a place to call “home”. They are so lucky to have a “family” to turn to. Unlike Donnie many only have this ninistry to lean on.
    Kudos to you all!!!

  5. Thanks Sandy… He’s an amazing man. Yes thank God he has a brother alive that has loved him all these years and always told him when he wanted to stay sober he could go to their home to live. We don’t get to see him often but yesterday he kept hugging me and putting his head on my shoulder. He’s so thankful for all of us. Donnie is the success of much love from many people in the church. I have a video of Donnie this past summer. He was so sick. I looked into the eyes of a man that literally was dieing before my eyes. We all know at any time he could go back…Keep praying for him. I miss him but as long as I know he’s in the loving home of his brother I can go on missing him.

  6. I love this man, and I am sooooo Proud of him. And I pray every day that he continues to remain sober. He is definitely one we feared we would see die on the street. Go Donnie!!

  7. Donnie is one amazing man,my heart goes out to him so much.he has for sure had a big change happen with in him since last year,it is so amazing to see.donnie was really dieing out there on those was so heart breaking,but now when you see him he has so much life in him now,he makes you smile just to look at him.Donnie would always sing to me that touched my heart so much.donnie will always be in my heart and my you donnie..keep going..

  8. That story truely reflects the power of the God we serve. I have ministered to Donny everytime I saw him, praying daily for him and knowing that at some point soon he would die there on the bridge or in a dark alley off Broadway or 1st Ave. I can’t begin to express the joy that my heart felt when Ms. Johnson told me that Donnie was safe and living with his brother.

    Thank you God for your servants at World Vision and the awesome message that you have given them…”we love you just as you are.”

    And Donnie, you just keep on keepin on. Trust in God, nothing else works for us.

  9. Sam… thanks to you and so many others we see fruit from much love and prayers for Donnie. To have seen Donnie before his turn around many would have walked on the other side of the bridge. But once you stopped and met him you were able to soon realize that he is a truely special man as you all can tell from everyone that has commented here. And Sam you are a blessing to me just by meeting you I find out that you’re out there doing what we do. We need more people like you out on that bridge. After meeting these men and women you simply fall in love with them if you have any compassion at all. Being Christians however it’s impossible to walk away. God bless you Sam and your family. I hope to see you again at church. Love you brother………. Sister Jaye

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