FEB 26th

Somewhere over the rainbow… I know a group of men tonight that probably wish they were someplace other then the  meeting we had earlier this evening. It has been another one of those weeks. I’ll spare everyone all the ugly details. I think however I spoke for a solid forty minutes and truly hope that something sunk in. I’m working with about 20 men now every Tuesday and Thursday night. Tonight we had 5 homeless at the meeting. The rest from what I heard were doing what they have decided they do best this week…. they were drunk///You may think…well, what else is new. Nothing except the fact they have been doing much better. Now every ones arguing and leaving camps because they can’t get along. The men that aren’t in the arguments are even fed up with all the bickering.

I didn’t loose my cool tonight. I never raised my voice. Before they left they did hear an ear full and know without a doubt I’m frustrated and very upset. I shake them up a lot in order to get them to think.

We’re slowly growing again with the public for breakfast. It takes awhile for them to hear that we’re open. I pass out the word over here in Phenix City and most of the men and women that came in before stay in camps over in Columbus. It’s a good little walk so they want to make sure it’s truth and not gossip. As long as God keeps bringing us food we’ll keep feeding people. Today our Lakewood Baptist Church friends called with food. They give us food all the time. Tomorrow they’ll have chicken salad,rice,baked beans and sweet tea. We also have a bread man delivering us fresh bread, rolls and bagels once a week. The freezer is stuffed. Other people stop all the time with eggs, butter,cups… like I said it keeps coming.

Sometimes people will stop the homeless and give them a ham or something like that and they’ll bring it to us to cook. The members of the church with jobs help with anything we’re in need of. It works when everyone pulls together.

We have a busy week-end coming up. Don’t forget the bed race at 12:30. They are excited. After the race a group of us are going to go surprise Donnie for his birthday. Hard for me to believe that last year on his birthday he was so drunk he couldn’t even eat any of his cake we bought him. This year…WOW! I’ll take pictures. We’re going to get him a watch. When he lived on the streets he was forever asking us to get him batteries for his watch. Then we’ld pull up his sleeve and he’ld be wearing three on his arm. Why he did that we don’t know. It was always the funniest thing to see. I bought him a watch last year. I had to put it on his arm because he couldn’t focus on how to do it. Maybe I can find that picture. If I can I’ll post it.

Thanks everyone for your prayers… God is moving. Lives really are going forward. I just get frustrated…  J100_0689


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