March 13th!

What a week………. I bet everyone has thought I fell off of the earth. Not a chance. I’m still hereand doing well. I do suppose that disappoints some of those of you that just read this blog to be nosy and really could care less about what God is doing here at World Vision Center. But for the rest of you that I’m going to try my best tonight to get you as caught up on news the best I can. 

It has been one heck of a week. I know I was going to share with you about my heros but please bare with me and allow me to get the “catchup news” out of the way first because everyone keeps asking me about the Bed Race. It was fantastic! All of our teens and young adults were there and I was so proud of them for their support. Everyone had a good time. I’ll put in a few pictures at the end. We came in second place in our division. Our guys ran their hearts out. I have to say that out of all the racers we had the biggest group of supporters. Even a few of our street friends showed up to support them. They are making plans for next years race.

The evangelistic team from Auburn came to our addiction recovery class Tuesday. WOW! is about all I can say. Our men taught them so much. They only thought they knew how to work with street people. Our guys taught them “how” life really is on the streets. I do believe they left a whole lot wiser.

Then for those of you who wanted me to catch you up on how my meeting went with the St Francis committee at the Episcopal church. It went really well. You find yourself sitting before a lot of money and what you say has to make an impact. So many lives depend on how you’re recieved. Needless to say the impact was extremely possitive. For 45 min. I answered questions. I love answering questions about what we do and how it’s changing lives. I have learned so much about people and the nature of people that I could go on for hours. These men are my life at the moment. I’ve learned their ways like the back of my hand. Therefore I never was at a loss for words. A large grant is on the line from how this meeting went. So pray…

I also had a contact person get in touch with our county commisioner who wants to meet with Freddie and I. He said he will get us in the next councel meeting, Mayor included. I have waited a long time for this day. Again much wisdom is needed for this meeting. We need “favor”! So many plans are in the works and it will take support from our city to accomplish it. The men are extatic. Maybe we can put a big dent in the harrassment they endure several times a week.

As for the men on the streets they are “alive” is best I can say. Some weeks are better then others and this week I do believe they all went south. Next meeting I have a lot to say and some fellas better have ears to hear because I’m not happy. They all say when momma Jaye gets upset you better run. Let me say the might want to heed to their own words because they will wish they did when I’m done. Good grief it has been one problem, argument, intoxicated, stupid act after another. It would take all night for me to write about it all. How about I just put it in the book.

Some sad news. Calvin passed away Saturday morning. He had that stroke on the streets and never got better. The men took it rather badly. We talk about this happening all the time. They aren’t healthy and they know they could be the next one. Our goal is to slow down the desire to die on the streets. HOPE! They need hope like nothing I have ever seen before in my life. Some people desire riches and believe that that will make their lives better. These people just want to return to living again.

Calvins 11 children came into town to bury him. He had so many people that loved him and yet he didn’t want them in his life. Freddie was asked to do the funeral. It was not easy. His family walked the river walk for 2 days trying to understand his life he chose on the streets instead of living near them. They met all the men and went to where he slept. I prepared them by telling them it wasn’t going to be pretty but they wanted an ending that they could in some way understand. The men were wonderful by helping them in any way they could. They answered many questions the family had.

This morning we invited them all for breakfast before they all went their seperate ways. They came and met a few other men and women that their dad ate with every morning. I think that Calvin would have wanted them to eat where he ate. I just wish for their sakes that he could have been here. They thanked us and went their ways. Many cried.

Everyone have a nice weekend. Love each other. Go find those you love and make sure they know that you love them. You may not understand why they do what they do but you can still love them. teenager-pics-079teenager-pics-030


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  1. It was a good week for you in many ways. God sometimes moves in mysterious ways and your week of various situations just proves that. I’ll pray for you and the grants and the upcoming meeting. Many good things happening!!

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