March 23rd………

I know, I know what can I say… I disappeared on you all again and everyone is wondering where I went. Well, I haven’t gone anywhere. The days simply start to blur together sometimes and what we end up doing is so much that it at times overwhelms me to the point that it’s difficult to put into words. I’ve in fact haven’t written much in my book lately because I’m waiting for it all to sift down into the finest of flour. Then what settles seems to be what is important to retain and share.

Good news for all of us including the men on the streets… Missy’s husband Donald just graduated from the Columbus police academy and is now a police officer. The men on the streets are really happy for him and glad to have a friend that knows them that is an officer.

Most of the men for many reasons are in jail or close to being released from jail this week. Public intoxication for most. Disorderly conduct for Mike. Kenny stold a guys truck that he had worked for which gave him a couple of weeks. (the truck was safely returned.) My buddy Homer punched Dale in the mouth and when the police arrived they took him to jail. To be honest I’m glad Dale got punched but not happy Homer had to do time because of it.  Dale ran his mouth to Missy about me that morning and trouble between Homer and him has been brewing for weeks.

Tonight Donald faked a heart attack to go to the hospital. Why? We do not know… he does do this from time to time. Usually it’s for attention. “Street Drama”!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Air Force Joe returned tonight from the VA Hospital. He left on the bus this morning to ck himself in to dry out and get help. He came back on the evening bus because they were full and they told him to return in the morning. It took several months for him to get ON the bus. Odds in his favor that he’ll go back in the morning??? 50/50. Tonight he will get blitzed. The bus leaves at 9:30 am. We’re not holding our breaths. 

Saw “Shaky” pass by my office window tonight. He must have been released. Haven’t seen Joe Joe Bean all day. Good possibility that he went to jail. He is in really bad shape. He not only drinks alcoholicly but he’s destructive. He will die under a bush if God can’t intervene. He crys a lot lately.

Earl went back to jail this morning after being released last night…. Crazy cycle of the streets. We watch it day after day. Every time they go back to jail we all loose ground and have to struggle to get started again. I have to be given a way to get them off the streets…

Great news always dances in the shadow of some of the ugly. “our” Donnie is still doing wonderful. He called today to let us know that he is going to have to have surgery on his shoulder but other then that he is SOBER!  Tony went to live in an apartment a ministry had open so he’s off the streets. That! is a good thing for Tony. Boony still is living at Sonny’s. He still drinks but not as much and he’s not living in the woods anymore.

Folks I am tired so I am outta here. I have to get some sleep. This day has been busy. I’ll write more tomorrow………Goodnight, pray for the streets. (safety) Peace… no more fighting among the men.


One Response to “March 23rd………”

  1. No wonder you’re worn out. Just reading about how things are going makes ME tired! Just know that your work is good and has made changes, however small. And Donnie-still sober and doing well!! That’s VERY good news!! Keep up the good work!!

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