stree09-001Joseph use to live right up the street from the church but his mom moved and now he lives about 5-6 miles away. We hadn’t heard anything from him for several months then suddenly one day there he was at church. He walks from his house  to the church every service. He’s amazing. Some people can’t even drive to services because of several reasons. Joseph has no excuses if you ask him. He starts to walk early so he can be at church on time.

Donnie who now is sober, living at his brothers house gave us a bike. We fixed it up and gave it to Joseph so he could ride to church instead of walking. He was so excited. We drive him home at night because it’s late and he lives in a very dangerous part of Columbus.

He’s a great kid…


2 Responses to “Joseph”

  1. What a great story! You helped Donnie, Donnie helped someone else.

    Whatever you’re doing-it’s surely working!!

  2. Awesome kid….. sounds like he can be a minister in his own right being that dedicated to the Lord and making sure he gets to church!!! Great one you guys!

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