My excape at 7:30 am,,

street-032Well I cked my stats and I want to say thank you to everyone that keeps cking my blog. The numbers are way up considering it’s been some time since I’ve been able to get caught up.

Like my picture here? Sometimes before I head to work to feed my guys I swing by the park where I can always watch a wonderful sun rise. Yesterday morning I pulled out my camera and took a few pictures. Here’s a sample of one. Honestly it was much prettier there.

I like to get to work in a good frame of mind and watching the sun come up does help. I do like “calm”. Once I arrive in the parking lot it is far from calm however.

Take this morning for instance. Right away when I get to the office door. A.F. Joe tells me Robert just cussed him out. Robert by the way didn’t speak to me when I walked to the door which is always a give away that he’s started trouble, is in trouble or is looking for trouble. Today was all 3. Missy was the one who finsihed his trouble while I was inside calming down Joe who was already drinking too much.

I was really close to allowing Joe to handle it the “street” way but resisted because Joe promised me a few weeks ago that he wasn’t going to punch anyone anymore. Besides Robert would have lost BIG time. I just get so frustrated trying to get all of these guys to stop beating each other and then find out Robert manages to stir the pot when he’s in a bad mood. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll stay longer at the park and enjoy a little more quiet.


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