Homer and Joe Joe

This morning I pulled up in front of the church and Joe Joe and Homer were sitting in the doorway. Homer looked like he was sitting up sleeping and Joe was facing him. You never know if anyones drunk or sober at 8am but these two drunk or sober are really easy to handle so I wasn’t too worried.

I walked up to them and Joe Joe was drunk but able to function. Homer opened his eyes when he heard Joe talking to me and looked up at me. They both looked pitiful. Joe had fallen again and now on top of all the other cuts and bruises on his face his nose now had wet and dried blood on it and in it. Good thing I don’t have a weak stomach or eat in the mornings… good golly what I see can be rough!

Homer looked awful! Not cut or bruised, just awful. In a soft whisper he told me in these words… “Sister Jaye, I was robbed again”. My heart dropped. I looked him over again real good to make sure he didn’t take a beating and he explained that he was over on “crack” street and it got late so he found a place to sleep. They took everything he had on him. He was just robbed about a month ago while he slept at his camp under the bridge.

NOW he has to go through the hell of getting I.D. again and another foodstamp card. He named off a few other things that were taken but much easier to replace. I felt bad for him. He will be 60 this year and he’s wearing out emotionally. Homer is one of my favorites on the streets. I suppose because he doesn’t get drunk all the time like others out here and it gives us time to sit and talk. He’s forever looking at me and saying “Have I told ya today that I love ya?” I always tell him no even if he did. Just so he can say it again.

Tonight he came to church service and was laughing. Easy come and easy go yet it wears on them in ways you can’t see. The streets! He’ll be in for breakfast tomorrow and again Homer will have a smile on his face. He’ll probably even head off towards the foodstamp office and get “another” card.

Joe Joe was “way” drunk tonight and headed off towards the bridge because he wasn’t allowed in church tonight. He’ll too be back for breakfast and we’ll all start another day. I prayed for all of them tonight before they headed out onto the streets. I prayed for their safety. I want to see them all in the morning.

Think of us when you head out into your day and pray for us.  Thanks…………..

Joe Joe

Joe Joe


One Response to “Homer and Joe Joe”

  1. Another day, another story. Thanks for sharing!!

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