Just another day! 6-9-09




The girls and I were talking this morning as we were getting breakfast ready about some of the odd request some of the men come up with.

Take Clifford for instance. Every single morning he comes in for breakfast he will always ask for a “Clean White Washcloth”. He’ll take the one you gave him the day before and toss it in the washing machine.

It can not be a colored one. It has to be white. After you hand it to him he’ll thank you and leave. This has been a ritual with him since winter and for some reason none of us has ever asked him what he does with the washcloth. I don’t know, I always respected his privacy and asking just never crossed my mind.

Then there is Anthony, pictured here. Anthony is a character  all by himself. He’s one that NEVER will take NO!  as an answer to anything!!!! Today he wanted to wash his hair. Just his hair. He’s not in the shower program and he explained he didn’t want a shower, just wash his hair.

I happened to hear Freddie saying something about Anthony wanting to wash his hair and he told him no. So when Anthony trapped me at the breakfast table with the same question over and over about his hair I had enough and I asked him a question. What did Pastor say. That always works to shut them up. He paused for a few moments and looked at me and said “Pull Rank”. I just threw up my hands and walked out of the room.

He followed me!!!!! That’s when I decided to take his picture. To be honest I would have let him but he broke a rule before we opened and that was drinking in front of the church so I was a little sore at him.

Robert tried to instruct him to move on down away from the church but Anthony got mouthy and didn’t move. I’ll catch him………

Then Bubba (yes Bubba) needed to use a cell phone to make a call. I wouldn’t let him use the phone since it was a toll free call that he could have done for free at a pay phone. He got upset and said he wasn’t coming back to church if we don’t let him use the phone. I just said OK!  He’ll be back.

Robert and Joe Joe have a jealousy thing going. They actually act like little kids trying to get Loras attention. Joe Joes been sober since he left the hospital and Lora’s been letting him stay on their couch to recover. Robert who doesn’t drink has sometimes gone home with Pete and Lora and HE was the one that got to sleep on the couch.

They snap silly comments at each other. Tonight Joe Joe wasn’t even going to come into the meeting. He was going to sit outside the door and “Listen”.

Who ever said that homeless men are mean and awful human beings? Trust them with loose change laying around?? NOT on your life. But mean and awful…Nahhh! They act no different about things just like any other man. They just look rough and live outside.

Tomorrow, I’ll get Clifford his WHITE washcloth and probably give into Anthony about washing his hair. Joe Joe and Robert will throw insults at each other for a couple of hours and the other men will ignore them, just eat and go on about their day. Oh and Bubba? He’ll be there  just so he can have an audience to listen to his fault finding.

I’ll have a good day. Will you?


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