Fathers Day

We had a wonderful Father’s Day! While many many people around the country were enjoying BBQ’s and visits from families we spent it in church and then we had dinner for all the men in the church and from the streets.

Our men prepared breakfast for us on Mother’s Day so we decided to pay them back with dinner. Because so many of the men from the streets haven’t seen their children in years, I thought it would be best to just announce that this day was to honor all men. Holidays like these can be extremely difficult for the men. They do think about their kids and they talk to me about why they no longer are in their lives. Can be an ex wife, or prison, the law… whatever the reason, it is VERY hard for them.

I listen to their hearts when they want to talk about their kids. They all are so proud of them and know that their success isn’t because of them. Sad actually! Sad for the children that wonder if their dads are even alive. Dads that are too ashamed to call them. Trying to bridge children to dad is very difficult. The kids don’t want to see them. Can you really blame them? We talk about this and they do understand.

Nobody said what we do at WVM is normal. What the country takes for granted as a fun day to show lots of love, we have spent the whole day making sure nobody sinks into depression. Homer disappeared this afternoon and if anyone will take this day hard it will be Homer.

We’ll ck up on everyone in the morning…pray that this heat will break. It’s added pressure that makes men want to fight.  Everyone have a safe, happy week!   /////This is in the shade…

june 20th

june 20th


2 Responses to “Fathers Day”

  1. Homer is still missing this morning… we will try to locate him. It won’t be easy, he moved his camp a few months ago and didn’t tell anyone where he is now. I’ll have to ask the men and they’ll give me a direction to go in. And…. I’ll have to be sworn to secrecy….

  2. Father’s Day should be about all men. After all, every man, father or not, was someone’s son. It’s a day to celebrate everyone. I’m so happy you decided to do it this way. It should make everyone feel wonderful!! Hope you find Homer soon…

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