Please Mike!



OK… everyone remember Mike who was taken off to jail a few weeks ago. Yes he came back. 11 days later and he was his normal self as you can see from the picture.

Before this however he did make his appointment at the VA and they kept him. However last Sunday Mike decided he wanted to be back on the streets and left the hospital. This particular day pictured here he told me he was going back to the VA hospital on this day. Well as everyone could see Mike didn’t make it “AGAIN”.

It is so frustrating!!! I knew that it was going to get up over 100 degrees for a few days and Mike doing this in the heat was not going to be good. I called for the police to pick him up.  The officer really was willing to let him get back onto Columbus’ 14th Street Bridge but Mike took a turn right instead and headed under the 13th Street Bridge.

SOOOO, Mike is in air conditioning and locked up for a few more days. Mike is another one of our guys that will die on the streets if he doesn’t get sober. Pray for him, he does really need it.


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