TOM, behave now…


Tom and Robert

Tom and RobertToms Fist

Tom,Tom.. you have got to stop punching!!! We all laugh sometimes when we hear that Tom has had to punch someone. Reason being is, Tom will cry if he’s had to punch. I say it that way because with this guy there is no fight. They get punched and that’s the end of it. What’s so bad is he will warn them several times to walk away. He honestly hates to hurt anyone.

This week he ended up punching Kenny. Kenny was trying to pick-up Sharon (Cowboys wife) All the men are very protective over Sharon. She’s a little retarded so one of the men will be with her at ALL times if Cowboy is busy. From what I understand Tom was “Sharon sitting” and that’s when all this happened. Tom warned him and Kenny do doubt was high on crack and wouldn’t back off so Tom made him back off and leave Sharon alone. POW! BAM! OUCH! OK it was only one sock but it layed Kenny’s eye open. Missy came up on it after it happened.
They try really hard for me not to fight. In this case I kind of enjoyed the news. A few months ago Kenny and his girlfriend stold money from Homer. WRONG! Maybe  fighting should be the last resort… Oh I’m sorry, I smile everytime I think about this.
Maybe too much street has gotten into me. I understand the logic. Readers forgive me. I truly stand up against violence on the streets but there are times………….. OK yesterday Little Roy ripped Donnie off 2 beers. Everyone rips Donnie off because he gets too drunk to do anything about it. “Until Yesterday”. Donnie stood up and walked over to Little Roy (who is actually MUCH stronger), and plowed into him. I laughed my head off when Tim told us the story because Tim went on to explain how Donnie’s pants fell down during the fight. Donnie doesn’t wear a belt and his pants are too big. He did however pull up his pants and finished off Little Roy. Did I mention that Donnie gave up wearing underwear years ago? This is one fight I am glad I didn’t see. WOW!
Pray for me. I enjoy these men beyond belief! Never dull.

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