Update of sorts!

I suppose you can call this an “update of sorts”. So much goes on here at World Vision Ministries in a weeks time that after awhile everything blurs a  bit and what seems every day to us could really be interesting to a reader. Often during the day I think “I need to remember to write about that tonight when I get home.” Then I get home and either I am too tired or forget what it was I thought someone might want to know. You have to remember my day ends about 7-8 every night so I am a little tired.

Today “Street Mary” stopped by to see me. I’ve seen Mary off and on out on the streets but she drifted away from the church a little after Christmas. There were a few rumors as to why she took off and I tried every time I saw her  to let her know that I missed her and that I loved her. So today when she came down the hall I gave her a big hug and she started to cry.

She told me the rumors that she had heard and none were true. It get’s to the point that it is comical to me when it all boils down to what people are told about us. However when it hurts others um… I do not like it. Because of the relationship we have it took less then 5 minutes and she realized she had been made a fool of. But anyhow… when rumors swirl it hurts more ways then we think.

Mary had been going through a really hard time with Greg (the guy she shares her camp with) He has broken her arm by swinging a broom at her and just the other night he took off his boot while she was asleep and beat her on her face and body with it. Crack! He is still doing crack and he is one that dives off the board with no water when he’s high.

She cried a lot today… I’m so glad she knows who we really are and that we’re here to help here. She plans to be in our addiction class Tuesday night.

Speaking of Addiction class. We have moved out of the kitchen and now have the class in the “young adults” classroom. Maybe I mentioned that in another update. Twenty were there Thursday and WOW is God moving! Our Bible Study Sunday morning at 9am has grown too.We are having to bring in extra chairs for that also.

Joe Joe… the one that was in the emergency room a month ago? He has been sober and staying at Loras house the past month. He’s been making appointments at the VA hospital and will be moving there July7th. They want to do more tests on him because they think he might not be well. In fact he’s been throwing up a lot especially after he eats. The man has been a drunk for many many years. Now he’s staying sober and just please pray he starts to feel better.

Sonny went to VA in Montgomery last week and they told him he has a tumor. I believe he’s still drinking however you can tell he’s scared. He lives in a house now because of the VA ck he’s getting but I met Sonny 3 years ago when he lived on the 14th Street Bridge

Tim believe it or not is doing much better. His eyes are clearing up thanks to someone giving him some eye medicine they had gotten from a doctor. He still isn’t real strong and I believe is very weak but he’s not passing out. Sunday he didn’t make church. I saw him about 10 getting a bottle of mouthwash for him and Donnie.

Donnie? Donnie is still Donnie. He has been eating better and coming to church. Yet he still sits out on that bridge day in and day out baking in 100 plus heat. Drinking mouthwash. Good God I don’t want to loose him. Not like this ya know?

Shaky Roy has been sober the past few days. Why? I do not know but we sure have enjoyed the quiet. Roy is loud and obnoxious when he drinks. Sober… you don’t hear a peep! I think he might be feeling sick and he’s not saying. The heat kicks them really bad. Add alcohol…. bad

Kenny came by the church last night and threatened to beat up Tom over the fight they had last week. Kenny made the mistake of telling me that he was going to jump Tom when he came out of the church. Service had just ended and at the time there were about 20 people standing around me. I said Kenny… look around. Do you honestly think you’re going to jump anyone? He got mad and I ended up telling him to get his tail across the bridge or he was going back to jail. Tom didn’t get jumped.

Mike should get out of jail this week. Loretta went to jail last night and Air Force Joe is still in the VA doing fantastic. Oh Randy is doing wonderful driving Tractor Trailer cross country. Hard to believe he was on drugs and on the streets a year ago. He now lives in his truck.

I have to continue this later because I am tired therefore I hope this helps a little on how every ones doing. I love love love my job…………………..I’ll be in the office at 8. Goodnight!


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