JUST maybe tomorrow I will explain what kind of week I just went through. As for today!!!! You can just forget it. I am worn out and I have at least 8 more hours to go.

How does anyone spell VACATION! What is that anyhow? Never in my life did I ever think that I would have a job that when and “IF” I ever see another vacation I would kill anyone that mentioned anything about my job…

Let me ask a question/// How many people does it take to take care of ONE, just one mind you…grown man? Come on take a stab at it. Some might say none while others may say possibly their spouse. Oh P=l=e=a=s=e!!!!! That is not reality in my world. Try about 6-7 and that is before they get to the emergency room. At that point God above only knows.

Take that one, yes one grown man and times it by oh lets see 3 in a twenty four hour time period and you have a homeless director ready to cuss, scream, cry and quit possibly at a point to knock someones lights out.

THANK YOU to everyone that is reading this and knows exactly what I’m saying due to the fact you are possibly one of the ones that has helped me all this week.

OK, OK… I’m ready for the other 8 hours left. T.G.I.F and I mean that sincerely!!!!


One Response to “T.G.I.F.!!!!!”

  1. Oh, what a day you must’ve had, or are still having…will pray you get through it without doing all those things you threatened!!

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