Hello World

Hello World***********                                                                                                                                                                             

street 010There is a world out there still isn’t there? Last week was a nightmare. If I tried to explain it all nobody would believe half of it anyway.

There are some men that are a challenge. We deal quit often with alcoholism mixed with mental illness. Therefore trying to minister can be extremely difficult. Often times mistakes are made on our behalf and then we have to race backwards and try to repair.

Much forgiveness is given on our behalf but what is even more amazing is the ability I find in homeless men to flash their toothless smiles, slight wink and fabulous hugs to let you know it is time to move forward from our mistakes.

Many times I’m not sure who the teacher is anymore. I have and still am learning from these wonderful people more then I ever could in an instruction manual. You mix what you learn and balance it out by the Word of God and you quickly realise you have just had a wonderful learning experience.

Today I went to one of the men’s camps to drop off cat food. Nobody was home which was odd for me due to the fact that every time I have been there one or more of the guys were there to distract me from what it actually would be like to live there.

Today I stood in the middle of the camp and slowly soaked it all in. On a make shift table was a bag of apples. It was the only sign of anything edible. Someone must have given them to them. In another area is where they all sleep. To describe it would; to me, be explaining something private and personal. Therefore I will only say I’m very thankful I have a bed.

I walked to the end which gives you a view that overlooks the river. Because of the heat down where the camp is the view seemed painful. The water moved slowly and appeared dark and dreary. Unlike the view I’ve seen from that same spot when the weather was cooler. I understand why they escape under the 13th Street Bridge during the day. (More of a breeze)

I was tempted to go 200 feet under another Bridge to see if anyones living under there anymore. Missy and I think one of our guys is but he has been trying to maintain some privacy lately by keeping his camp private. I didn’t want to spoil it for him if he was there. “Privacy” is simply something dreamed about on the streets thus I respect them enough to stay away until invited. The invitation is like knocking on someones door and being allowed in. No matter how close we all are to the men the streets are still the streets and their code of living HAS to be honored.

When I went to leave from the camp today my front wheel got stuck in a hole. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out and I no doubt had a long wait until the men got back so they could push me out. It’s funny but they would have enjoyed that beyond words. I turned my wheel after a few tries and was able to drive out.

The past few days several men got out of jail and already one that wasn’t in jail went back in. Revolving door to their world. This is their world and it has become ours to a small degree. However my goal is to not accept the why and how they live but to try with the help of God to help them desire my way of living once again into their fragile, shattered worlds.

Sometimes I have hope that change is happening while other times; such as last week, it seems like insanity has crept into the minds of those that are of a sound mind. I stand at my off ice window and watch them and think “They all have gone crazy”…. Then they come in to chat awhile and I realize that what we see sometimes is deceiving. They truly are changing, for the good.

We all are determined that we are on an upward swing this week and only possitive will be tolerated. Today is only Monday and it went well. I’ll get back with you on Friday and will let you know.

Have a nice week world!


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