My sister Chris




Clowns in the kitchen (my sister Chris on left)
Clowns in the kitchen (my sister Chris on left)




My sister Chris and her husband Dave came down from Pennsylvania  Wedwith a load of clothes/shoes. They decided to spend a few days here learning what we do at World Vision Ministries, help cook and serve breakfast, meet the men, attend addiction recovery class and a devotion service, visit camps, and listen listen listen!!!

My sister forever wanted to go to the camps and under the bridge or on the bridge depending where the homeless were located at the time. By the time she left she was talking about them like we do… “Our guys”! It is funny how quickly this group of men can grow on you.

I’m not sure how much she has learned. It always seems to take awhile after you step back before everything you saw and learned begins to settle in. There is so much information being pumped at you from several different directions it takes that step back to remember it all.

The men were so excited to have them here and tried so hard to teach them why they live the way they live. If anyone can understand physical, emotional or sexual abuse then you have the beginnings of over 90% of the homeless on the streets. To numb humiliation and pain with drugs or alcohol you have the beginning of homelessness.

My sister doesn’t even know that one of the men she met has killed someone in a alcohol related car accident “and” a woman he was with several years later died and he thinks he did it. (He can’t remember) Shame/guilt prevents sobriety!

I’m excited to hear her take on what she experienced while they were here.

Their church (St Luke) donated money as well as clothes so we went grocery shopping. The men on Friday were treated to bacon. One guy wants to know when she’ll be back so they can have more.

All in all we had a wonderful time. They spent many hours working and hiking up and down hills into camps in 97 degree heat. I hope they had a good time and never forget the men they met who will tonight sleep on a bench, under a building/house or just on the ground. They know who they are now personally. I only wish so many more did as well.



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  1. Wow. All I can say is Jaye is right. There’s so much to see and hear and think about. I remember going to Africa, “knowing” what we’d find because our daughter had sent home so many detailed letters. You don’t fully understand until you stand there and see it. It was kind of the same thing going to Phenix City. You know what you’ve been told, you’ve seen the pictures but it becomes real when you pull up to the church and you’re greeted in the parking lot by a few of the people awaiting breakfast. And then as the meal is prepared, the line starts and the faces of the homeless become real.

    And I knew there would be secrets-people don’t want to share with outsiders, and no matter what, that’s what we are. We can’t be there every day to help but we pray for them and pray for those who work with them. It’s a true calling. Phenix City and the men of the bridge are lucky to have such dedicated people out there day after day. And yes, I wanted to be where they are. We felt it was important to see what they see, even for a few minutes.

    Here at home, we’re back into the craziness of OUR every day lives. I’ll have time to think more about this as I create my slide show for my church and look at the pictures over and over…

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