Devotional Class

Some of you know and some don’t but in the mornings Monday-Friday I have what some might call a devotional time for the men that are not in our “shower/food” program. They MUST attend in order to eat breakfast.

We have been doing this since February and seems to be a wonderful success. I stomp my feet and run the gamut of my speech on how we here are WVM are NOT a feeding program. If we can’t form relationships or share the Word of God then I will be the first to walk out the door and turn the key.

My men know me well enough and have heard my statement on the subject to the point I’m sure they could recite it with a smile!

What is fascinating to me is how these men have warmed up to me…

In my devotional session I now run between 10-20 men. That does NOT count my guys who are in the shower/food program who do not have to attend. However a few of them do anyway.

What dawned on me Wed. morning is that all of the men I share the Word of God to in the mornings are black men. I am the only white person in the room yet these men totally enjoy listening to me.

Outside in the halls when we talk they call me momma! They joke with me and we laugh. I meet many of their needs and hear their hearts. I’m a pastors wife that wears many different hats and every hat that sits on my head is so vital to every human being I have contact with each morning/afternoon/evening.

Color isn’t seen when someone is real I suppose. I usually remind them to remember what “This crazy white woman teaches them”. They laugh but I can make you a bet…they remember what momma Jaye teaches them.

I still say…I have the best job in the world and I know some of the greatest people so many others would walk right by.

Have a fantastic week-end.


One Response to “Devotional Class”

  1. I’ve attended the morning devotionals.

    The men are there in part because they HAVE to, but when I was there, they sat quietly, paid attention and you could see that what Jaye said was being considered and thought about.

    You can’t “just” feed people. If you’re going to see a change, you have to plant the seeds to make the change. The morning devotionals are just one way of planting seeds. Visiting them under the bridge and getting to know them are other ways. Being their friend and yes, sometimes the momma, is another.

    Wonderful things are happening in Phenix City…

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