September 25th/09

Well, Mary finally slept in her apartment last night for the first time. It took 4 days!

I found out yesterday that ever since she got her apartment she has “still” been sleeping down at her camp in spite of the fact our river has been flooding and the water was less than a foot from her bed.

I asked her last night why? Her reason would probably sound silly to some and might even embarrass her if she knew that people found out therefore I’ll respect her privacy and simply say it just isn’t easy walking away from something familiar even if you are given something better.

No matter who we are “change” costs us all something. But many will say in Mary’s case WHY? She would be indoors with a locked door sleeping in a nice bed. Waking up to cable TV, a coffee pot, toilet. Why did she choose to STILL go back to a hole that runs a few hundred feet along the Chattahoochee River? It’s dark, it’s lonely and all this week it’s been flooded. Why?

Readers, that is something that will remain only in all of us who understand we can find safety and comfort in what someone else considers insanity. Unless someone has lost everything and had to depend on someone from time to time for simple everyday things that others don’t give a second thought about throwing away then why Mary went back to the river will seem queer to say the least.

Others of us will understand and maybe cry.

Mary saying goodbye...finally

Mary saying goodbye...finally


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