October 5th /09

October 09 001Why is it sometimes that JUST! when things seem to be lookin up…suddenly a wire get’s placed in your way causing a stumble that rolls you farther than you want to go.

LOL…no folks I’m not talking about my life all though I’m still on my roll and when it ends I suppose we’ll all know where I’ll end up. No I’m talking about our Mary. “Bike Mary”, “Street Mary”, “River Mary”. We have many names for Mary however our latest has been “Gloria”. That’s a long story and actually an inside joke therefore I’ll spare all the details and just explain what’s happened to her since she moved into her apartment.

She has adjusted really well after her struggle for several days still feeling a need to sleep at her camp. After she accepted her new living arrangements she began to move a lot of her things with the help of another homeless man who owns a car. They scrapped together gas money and they made the move in a day.

After she moved her things in she was sitting at her dining room table drinking a cup of coffee and felt something bite her big toe. Not thinking much about it she just went on about her week.

That bite has ended her up in the hospital this week having to have surgery. The Dr. is not sure exactly what happened to her toe but does believe it was a spider.

This little lady has lived 13 months on the river bank with several insects, snakes, and animals “in the dark” every night and hadn’t been bit by anything.

We all do laugh about it now; or maybe I should say, “we” laugh about it and poor Mary is laying up at the hospital tonight in LOTS of pain. They had to  open up the foot and clean out all the infection. She will be sore but expected to recover. Should be home by Wed or Thurs.

Life has many twists in it I suppose. Just when you think everything will get better and things are smoothing out we suddenly find our selves on our backs with the air knocked out of us. We look around for a hand to help us up and all we see are faces saying “we’ll pray”/ the hands stay folded.

However God is still God and unfortunately people are still people. Just when you begin to lose faith in what should be good God does come along and restores the soul with HOPE!

Mary will make it through another day and as long as we all have breath…anything can change.


One Response to “October 5th /09”

  1. Please tell Mary that she’ll be in our prayers for a quick recovery. Spider bites can be REALLY bad and I’m glad they caught this early enough for her to heal well!!

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