On my Mind

Something on my mind…Today I pulled up to the church for a 4 o’clock appointment and there was a man out in front of my office filling up a large trash can with rain water coming out of a drain spout. He was bent over and didn’t see me until I turned off my truck. Then he hurriedly walked away.

Missy and my appointment walked out the front door as I was crossing the parking lot and I asked Missy who the guy was. Her reply was “The guy that rearranges the trash.”

Now to anyone other than members of our church, this answer may seem odd. I knew who she meant as soon as she said it.

What’s really on my mind as my day is coming to an end is I see and experience people and situations others read about in a book, watch in a movie or maybe hear about around an office desk of what someone might have seen on their way to work.

Mentally ill? Oh you bet. We struggle with this fella every so often because he likes to dig in trash cans and rearrange the garbage. Today I suppose he decided he was going to wash out the can before he placed it all back inside.

Topics, conversations, people…fasinating. I treasure my life not due to the fact that I work with the most abnormal human beings on earth. That could become exploitive and I would quit before I cross that line.

No, these folks have value, someone loves them and at one time they had what you or I may call normal until “whatever” went tilt! Now they dig in trash, walk down the street talking to imaginary friends, sit in clothes they have used the bathroom in for weeks…gosh I could go on and on.

What I have learned? Don’t be so sure you won’t go “TILT” one of these days.

Today I talked to a great friend of mine… a trained psychologist. VERY educated. His world went TILT 15 years ago. He won’t say what happened but today he is struggling to regain sanity. Money can’t stop it. Social status may increase it… Being so sure you’re more advanced then our friend who likes to rearrange the garbage…idicates (to Me) your world has already begun to “TILT”!



One Response to “On my Mind”

  1. I don’t think we met this guy.

    You never know what will push someone over the edge…and the edge is different for everyone. For some it doesn’t take much, for others it takes a long time and then something happens and that’s it.

    Keep doing your good works…

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