WHY? I am about done with the question, WHY?

I usually respond with…”Why NOT?” Which in actuality I truly do believe. Why not be the church in the area that watches people struggle to hang onto reality, life, sobriety, sanity, hope. Yet every so often we have to watch them slowly die.

Tonight our Tim Boone is hanging onto life. He’s bleeding internally and it is being passed out through his mouth and rectum. The hospital told us they are pumping in blood but he is loosing it as fast as he has it put back in. They can’t get it stopped.

We heard this morning that Donnie was sick. The person was Tim not Donnie. We didn’t know he was throwing up blood all day until one of the guys from the bridge called us to tell us to go ck on Boone. He was heading for his tent.

Freddie and Missy went to hunt for him because I was at home. They looked everywhere and finally found him off the road behind the “yellow sub marine” in a patch of woods. It had to be God he was found.

When I arrived I found him covered in blood. His oxygen level was real low. Before they took him away I was able to tell him I loved him and he told us he loved us.

They won’t let us go into his room  because of all the blood he keeps passing. Tonight they had us meet in a “family room”at the hospital with his doctor. They had 4 more units of blood ready to put in him however the doctor let us know if he doesn’t start to clot he will die.

Tonight is a waiting game. Tomorrow we’ll know if he is alive or not with us anymore.

You as readers have no idea how awful it is for me to think that Tim might die. I love this man in a way I haven’t loved the others out there on the streets. He taught me the ways of the streets. But most of all he has taught me how to see a man on the inside and not by the way they look and smell.

Donnie thinks Tim is in jail. I explained that he’s in the hospital and very sick but Donnie has been so drunk for many days that it is impossible for him to really inderstand anything right now. Donnie is extremely close to Tim.

So once again we sit and wait. I will keep everyone posted.



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