Tuesday October 27th/09

October 09 014Tim is doing much better then this shot of him I took a few days ago. The bleeding has stopped however he won’t  let them run a scope back down him therefore he just might leave the hospital with little to no knowledge as to what is wrong.

Maybe he is afraid, tired, weary… Only he knows and time will tell as it does with us all.

So many of the men from the streets have “WALKED” over to the hospital to visit. It blows my mind the unity, love and friendship they have. I have watched over the years how sharing “ducks” (butts of cigarettes) half empty beers, blankets, food and now the unknown blends them into a place not even I have the ability to cross over to. I am considered as homeless as anyone can be but considered and “is” are quit a contrast in reality. Therefore I sit back in awe at the devotion they have for one another.

Mike told me today they took all Tim’s tubes out after we left and they are now getting him up walking. NO, Tim shouldn’t be allowed to leave the hospital yet there is nothing else they can do for him. When he regains strength he will be back in his tent in my son’s back yard. I thank God my son will be able to ck on him.

Winter is around the corner and even in Alabama it can get very cold. Tim will refuse the chance to sleep inside if offered and we all fear the sounds of the river running under the 14th Street Bridge will call him back to the alcohol. It is a call that echoes at the heart of many that have tried to escape alcoholism on the streets and the pull  to return to the cement they call their living room that crosses the Chattahoochee River.

Our hands are tied to the ability to free our prisoners to a liquid. Thus we fold them in prayer and bow our heads. Please God, help our friends… have a nice night.


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