Happy Thanksgiving 09

Great Day, Great People, Great Atmosphere OH and Great Food! Today was our Thanksgiving dinner open to anyone that needed a place to go for all the above! What a wonderful success.

Our new kitchen was finished last night at 11:30 PM. Thanks to Pastor and Donald Hall. Just in time for our dinner today. The past two weeks the entire kitchen and new dining room has been getting a major overhaul. Walls have been built and doors as well as a new delivery window was added.

In our new dining room shelves were built for a stereo, DVD player and TV to sit on. The men LOVE the added space and we now serve breakfast in about 15 min. Sitting 36 people at a time beats the old 6 any day!

Wed. new cabinets were delivered and installed. For the first time everything we had stuffed under, in and behind now has a place in the kitchen.

A new refrigerator is in the process as well. Everything from labor, supplies…EVERYTHING was given to us free of charge.

God has been generous and extremely giving to us and all our friends that eat at WVM 5 days a week.

Our addiction class’ now are held in our new dining hall which has adapted the name Boones Diner. (named after our Tim Boone) Since the renovations have taken place our class’ are packing out once again and the subjects are deep and powerful. Fantastic changes! Lives are slowly moving forward again. Like an old locomotive climbing a steep hill from a standstill yet it is moving.

Tomorrow are left overs for breakfast…Stuffing/Dressing, turkey, black eye peas, gravy, cranberries.

Thank you to everyone that contacted us this thanksgiving. Your kind words and encouragement have been received and so appreciated.

Been a long day…Thank you church for all the help. No way could it have gone as smooth as it did today if it hadn’t been for your support



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