Jonathan and Fred (Eddie)

Two great guys, Jonathan and Fred (Eddie..inside joke). Both struggling with addictions and both caught in the early cycle of homelessness. Fred has tucked himself under our wing and actually is seeking a way out. Jonathan has plans…we motivate him to pursue those plans however being a little older than Fred, it already is difficult to find his door to freedom away from the streets.

We work at keeping them warm at night, but more than that we work really hard at trying to keep the warmth of love and hope alive in their hearts before they throw up their hands and walk down the broken path of a tighter hold of addiction that strangles out the ability to see “I am somebody and I can make it.”

Almost liken to someone needing life support…It’s a race against time. Time that I beat at with all my might in order not to lose another young life to nothingness.

Keep them in your prayers. They are great guys and they have nobody to catch them at the moment but the hands of God. Which in our book is the greatest catch anyone could want.


One Response to “Jonathan and Fred (Eddie)”

  1. I pray that you can help these two before it’s too late. Will keep you all in my prayers.

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