New assignment!

I sometimes wonder what in the world I am doing. I also say that with a smile on my face. Sound crazy? In a way that is what it can feel like.

Tonight I walked out of my addiction class and  “finally” realize that my job has actually taken a complete “LEFT”!

I counted in my head driving home that as of today I am still working closely with about 8-10 of the homeless men I started with 4 years ago. 15-18 men are off the streets in one way or another. MOST I am so thankful to say are receiving help and are still in contact with us regularly. That is a wonderful % if I say so myself.

My craziness has come lately with the (at least) 30 new men we have now. I have no idea what I’m doing and praying every day how to go about helping them. I am struggling! #1 they are young, #2 they are “street dumb”, #3 they do more drugs than anything else. I am in a room sometimes with guys young enough to be my son’s. They have NO direction and don’t desire any. They want to be homeless and assume NO responsibility. They want God in their lives but are like a wild horse. Trying to break them from bucking is difficult.

They see me as mom and I see them as “youngins”! Reefer, sex, and living homeless have now become my newest challenge. Oh and let me not forget all the crack they smoke when they can get their hands on it.

So OK! this is my next test if you will to I suppose see how much stamina I have left in me. My first guess at what I am doing thus far is trying to steer them into a positive direction before they end up 30-40 years old on an endless treadmill dieing because they can’t find their way back. I have learned where they can end up. (I still have a difficult time missing Tim.) One thing Tim told me before he died was… “I want to get sober to help young people.” Why? I asked him. “To teach them NOT to do what I have done.”

Maybe, just maybe I just received my answer from God why the sudden change in what we do. Maybe I am Tim’s voice. If that is the case then I accept our new assignment and I thank God for allowing me the privilege.


3 Responses to “New assignment!”

  1. Every day is a new day. You have new challenges and new faces to work with. If they get into the shower program, that surely will help them move forward by following the rules in order to get clothes and a shower. You’ll know what to do. It’s the same-just a different kind of same. Blessings on all of you.

  2. Coming from a former homeless person like myself, that really is a good percentage!!!
    i’ll be seeing you tonight at church
    love ya
    god bless you

  3. Thanks James, it means a lot. I’ll have to post a picture of you and a short story. You are a special young man. I love you. Chris, we already have about 5-6 new guys in the shower program already. They are doing great at attending services and programs. They are a challenge to me and they know it. Right now they’re liking being mothered. Seeing how far I’ll let them go. Just knowing that Freddie and I care and are keeping an eye on them while they’re on the streets seems to be drawing them in. Really cool how it’s working.

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