January 27th 2010

What a day… We believe everything is packed and ready to be loaded on to the truck tomorrow morning. Thanks to a dear friend of ours he made it possible for this to happen for us. The plan? It will stay on the 18 wheeler on the lot at the storage facility until we relocate.

Our emotions have moved like a ship caught in the middle of a hurricane without an anchor. Believe me when I say I want it all to end…yesterday.

First let me apologize to anyone we have not personally called and explained everything in detail. You may not have any idea how painful it is to tell the story over and over. Maybe you do understand that pain therefore forgive us for not wanting to say it all one more time.

The word finally reached many local pastors Tuesday and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. In fact some didn’t bother to call they just showed up and I can not tell you how meaningful the prayers and support have been. A few have offered us the use of their church to hold services for a while. Freddie and I haven’t had time to sleep so we aren’t sure just yet where we’ll have services. One thing I wish to make perfectly clear…The work WILL go on!

There are so many that still need what the Lord offers through us,  we are not quitting.  My truck is already loaded with sleeping bags, jackets, gloves and hats. Missy’s car is filled up with the mens bags of clothes. The girl who cuts my hair; Rachel, who runs “Rachel’s” on 13th will continue to cut the men’s hair. She had come to the church but told me today that she will open on her day off  (Monday) and cut hair.

I am heading for the streets is what it boils down to now.

We have set up an office at Missy’s house in her spare bedroom therefore the office will run as usual. Calls will still be made and answered. Pastor and I will be ministering but for a while on or under the bridge. Plus the camps in South Columbus need a solid touch from God.

We have found a building that looks like it would work. Our membership would triple in the new place. It is for sale, ONLY 400,00.00!  But God is a big God that is chump change to Him! It is simply impossible in the natural. IF it is God we’ll get into those doors.

Our income came from the church. We need our supporters to continue to give. Our members already give as much as they can and without outside support we’ll continue to struggle. We can change the face of homelessness if we grab a hold of  the reality that people are sleeping outside tonight when we crawl into bed. Maybe you aren’t able to do what we do but with your financial support change can and is being made. We can be your voice and your feet as well as your hands.

Tonight I’m not asking, we’re pleading with you to give as much as you can. The work must and will go on!

Food also will cintinue to be given out. For now our total concentration will be on those that have absolutely nowhere to go. ( about 20) How it all will work is anyones guess but I know Pastor and I can hear God…He leads and we follow. Thank you for so many prayers. I personally know that without the prayers I could have snapped days ago.

This is very difficult. Watching that truck pull up tomorrow and seeing everything go…my Lord I don’t know how I’ll handle it. We have to remember it isn’t the end. It is the beginning! His ways are NOT our ways.

Thank you also for your financial support. Any questions you can continue to call 706-718-1188  Mailing address PO Box 2744    Phenix City, AL. 36868


5 Responses to “January 27th 2010”

  1. Its just a building the real ministry is you and your members working daily. I will help all I can when I can. Take care and let me know how its going.

  2. Jaye – We are thinking of you, and hope you will get through this tough time without too many tears and heartache. There must be something better on the other side of this challenge for you and your ministry.

  3. Thank you both…It means so much that people out there many miles away care as much as we do.

  4. Jaye,
    Its been a while since Chris and I visited but I can’t forget the obvious impact your various programs have been for those who have worshipped with your church and those men and women who have come to Jacks House, and the evening Recovery Meetings. Those most in need have come to value and rely upon what it is that they received from your ministry. It was certainly more than just good, nutritious food.

    Now, given the loss of the building, the programs must continue, but how? Can those whose experience from Jacks House look ahead and work together to help to restore or rebuild it? Everyone can rightfully consider this a huge disappointment and major setback. But maybe it is an opportunity for the need for change? It is a test from God!

    Best Wishes and God Bless,

  5. I have to echo what Sandy and Katy said. Hopefully, this will be just God’s way of pointing you in a new direction. It’s a new beginning for everyone who helps with or is served by Jack’s House. There’s a new plan out there, just waiting for you to start it. I hope you take up one of the pastors who’ve offered their church to you. Keep some continuity going if you can. Your men need it…YOU need it.

    Maybe one day soon someone with the means to do it will see the great value of your ministry and help you find your way into a new building with new challenges to move you forward.

    We’re all still praying for you! Much love!

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