God IS Great!

Is the glass half  full or half empty? A million dollar questions we ask each other from time to time. If you look at the picture here some may say it is half empty! Ahhh but others; myself included say not only is it half full but completely full!

We are in our second week without a building however we still have a church. Our services have been something that I never could have expected before January 31st. People are flooding my living room trying to grab a seat. I say that with a big smile only because I don’t have a lot of places to sit in my house. However…on my car port we have about 30 extra chairs stacked and believe me when I say that every inch of walking space in my home fills up with the chairs before we begin praise and worship.

OK, I might have lost a few of you there. Yes we still have music. Donald and I play guitars and we have a piano in our home that Missy plays. Works out really well. We worship God and I think our congregation understands what it might have felt like in the “upper room.” To those of us that have been to other countries; around the world, we have experienced these type of services before. So to us this is not only possible but extremely acceptable to our God.

We have lost a few friends during our transition. They no longer give their monthly donations, we suppose because we don’t have a building anymore. Funny how what we were doing when we had a building was God. Now that we no longer work out of a building we’re on our own.

Believe you me that we hear more God today than we did three weeks ago. We’re excited and on one of the greatest adventures I ever imagined.

Every morning Missy, Freddie and I meet at Burger King and have coffee at 8am with oh about 10 homeless men. We not only drink coffee but we have a table where we discuss subjects that many don’t have the oportunity in buildings to talk about.

They range from Timmy needs a new coat to “Is Sue Still Alive?” Sue loves Jesus, is bound to mouthwash, throwing up blood and at this very moment missing. Is she dead in a motel room? Is she dead in the woods somewhere in the south camp?

Other christians during this time of day are busy heading off to work, taking care of family, meeting other christians for coffee to discuss their next meetings and there we are at Burger King handing out sleeping bags, jackets, hats, gloves and going through our mental list of where everyone is.

Sue (another Sue) and Petra went missing for two days and finally were found. All men on the streets had been serching for them. Homer was missing today and we went to his camp with sandwiches and found out he had about 15 Gypsy’s show up at his place under the bridge last night. They danced and sang and my Homer enjoyed the company. Today the Gypsy’s were gone but Homer seemed a little bit happier in the pouring rain as we talked.

My prayers go out to so many that have never had an “ACTS” experience such as the one we’re having. Meetings continue, services are as usual and souls of so many men and women are watched over by the Pastor and I every day of the week. God truly doesn’t need a building.

Missy received a call a moment ago. Michael and David from south camp need a ride to Tuesday night prayer that also is being held at the Burger King in the conference room every Tuesday night. When a soul knows they need God they will do whatever it takes to get around the messenger of God even if he is in a fast food restaurant. So Missy will be there to pick them up.

We are staying busy. We will keep looking for Sue and making sure everyone is warm and dry. But most of all something which will never cease from happening is we will never stop proclaiming the “Good News of Jesus Christ!”

Some are watching us closely to see “if” we’ll ever have a building again and then I suppose we’ll be considered a church again. Other’s will continue to pray that we understand why God allowed this to happen and repent so we can have another building. Then maybe we’ll hear from them and others again.

As Thom always said, “It’s all good,” and you know what? He is right it all is good. We have some of the most supportive faithful friends that call, come by and encourage us constantly. They haven’t stopped believing in us or the work we do. To all of you, Thanks bunches! To the others, well again we just smile and say to ourselves… “I wouldn’t trade this for nothing in the world.” God is Great!



2 Responses to “God IS Great!”

  1. can I say AMEN enough to this…………

  2. What so many people don’t understand is that “church”, the building, is just that. It’s a location where like-minded people get together to share whatever it is they believe. It’s really that simple. In order to function, a covered, warm space is good, but not essential to ministering to others. Those who’ve withdrawn their financial help don’t understand that God is everywhere, not just in a building that may or may not have a cross on the top of a steeple.

    Christians (or Muslims or Jews for that matter) share their beliefs wherever they are. The facility just makes it easier. For when two or three are gathered together…

    We’ve been having a lot of snow here. Sunday, many churches cancelled their services. Our church has never cancelled a service. One time, years ago during a severe storm, our priest, my son, my husband and I were the only ones there. We had our service, prayed together and went our separate ways.

    All you need for “church” is a group of people who want to share their beliefs with one another. The building is just a place to do it. Fast food restaurant, a warm living room or a park in the middle of town. That’s where you find church. God is wherever you want him to be.

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