We are on the move

These shots were taken last night before service started. On an average now we are running anywhere between 20-40 people a service. What’s so funny in a good kind of way is they keep coming. We find ourselves needing to somehow find a van due to where everyone is  from. People are coming to services that I haven’t seen in months only because they had moved so far away from the church. Now they somehow manage to get to the pick-up spot and we have several cars waiting on them to get them the rest of the way to our house.

One of the greatest revelations we received after we had to close the building up was that too many people were starting to see us as a homeless ministry. Some very well-meaning people stopped seeing Freddie as a pastor of a congregation and began to see him as my helper in my homeless work that I do.

The people who are going to great lengths to come to our services, prayer meetings at the B.K., men’s meeting (tonight at Bill and Kelley’s home) our breakfast club that meets Monday-Friday at the B.K., ladies meeting (next Monday night at the Hall’s home); are not coming because of clothes, food, shower’s but they are coming because of the Word of God that is being ministered at all of our services.

We are and have always been a church which has been extremely difficult to get people to understand. All they could see was the homeless aspect of what we do.

We definitely have a homeless outreach mission however we also have a great mission outreach in Central America. Pastor Freddie is known as a Billy Graham in Central America.

He will be traveling to Spain this year in fact as I write we have a couple in Spain right now from El Salvador that are making contacts on his behalf and when he’s ready to go all meetings and appointments will be ready. 

God has opened our eyes the past few weeks unbelievably so. Often I considered stopping my blog 14th Street Bridge; due to what I have noticed since we closed the building, confusion as to what we truly are all about.

The blog was set up strictly to allow people into the lives of homeless men and woman who otherwise never could or would have the opportunity to go to a place with Christ not many desire to go.

Often Freddie and I thought about starting a blog about the other outreaches we have but again because I became off-balance with the homeless ministry I never got around to it.

That is soon to change. Our work with the orphanage in El Salvador is unbelievable. Pastor Freddie and I are Sister Gloria’s pastors. Beautiful and fascinating woman who makes you cringe to even be considered her pastor’s wife. Her faith and relationship with God goes beyond anything I could imagine yet she sits in awe of us! Humbling to say the least.

We do understand that to some being connected to our homeless ministry eases their consciousness as well as helps religion find christianity in a building they call their  church.

Others it truly is a ministry which allows a burden in one’s heart reach out in a way that just is not possible in their own lives. THESE are the ones that have been faithful to us not only in finances but in giving of clothing, supplies and time. Which is still coming in weekly. Yet others are in constant contact with us lending support and encouragement.

I have a book on Homelessness to get published as well as another one to finish. Doors are opening for me to go and minister the revelations I have gained in the work I have done. Bringing awareness to the fact there is a great need for understanding with Homelessness and Street People in our society.

Much work to be done.

Be watching for our new blog allowing our readers to walk into a deeper understanding of what our “CHURCH” consists of.

We are stable, we are encouraged and we are excited beyond what I could have imagined a month ago when the plans of God seemed so distant and awkward to say the least.

Clarity as I have said has come, balance in my work slowly is taking shape. New plans and beginnings are forming as God’s breath begins to blow.

Keep reading, new stories to tell….. (later this week, Tiffany is mom to the homeless)

Before we get the direction from God where our next building will be, everything MUST again come back into balance


2 Responses to “We are on the move”

  1. I’ve always told people that your homeless ministry was just that-a ministry that your church helped provide. When you do so much in one area, it’s probably easy for people to misunderstand what it is that you actually do. When they hear about the men and women and contribute to that particular ministry, it’s easy to think that your church and a homeless ministry are one and the same. Those who attend your church (whether it’s in a “church” or a field or a living room)know that they’re there to hear what’s being told. They aren’t there because you’re a “homeless ministry church”. In time, everyone will understand exactly what it is that WVM does. Yes, ministry should begin at home, but every good ministry steps beyond the boundaries of their doors into the community and beyond. Your work in Central America is just one more thing of which you all can be very proud!!

  2. Thanks Chris…NOW if I can just get others to understand what we’re all about than maybe just maybe we can finally get more support. Time will tell.

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