Mental Illness/Cass

Not everyone on the streets are bound with drugs or alcohol. Some are there because of choices, broken relationships, mental illness, or for the plain fact they have no family left to help them out.

Take a few seconds to thank God that if your world fell apart, you would have someone who cared enough to make sure you had a safe place to sleep and call home until you were able to get back up on your feet.

Meet Tiffany> I suppose you could say she made wrong choices, had bad relationships, is NOT a drug addict or alcoholic. She is homeless and a wonderful human being. On the streets I call her “The momma of the streets.”

Tiff has a knack for reaching out to those that need to be watched out for.

Take Cass for example. Cass has been coming to church now for several months. He is mentally ill and for a long time just seemed to be making it out on the cement called home for a very long time, alone.

He has an invisible friend that he talks to. Often times he reprimands his “friend” especially in church because as Cass puts it “He makes me laugh.” They talk quietly to each other and when Cass giggles at what his “friend” has said, he does so without making a sound.

Tiffany has taken him under her wing. She made an appointment at the mental health clinic for him and they went together so that Cass could get on medication to make Cass’ friend go to sleep. The first time he took his medication Tiffany said Cass became afraid because the voice became silent in his head. His “friend” went to sleep.

I so wish the world could meet our friend Cass. I am sure many of us know of someone with mental illness however it is a different story watching someone lost with the voices in their head and helpless to help because they are lost on the streets of Homelessness.

I thank God for “Street Momma.” She doesn’t let him leave her sight. She makes sure that he eats when she eats and when money permits she gets a hotel room and sneaks Cass in so he can sleep on the floor.

It’s warm and it’s dry!

Pray for Tiff, she’s trying to find a job so that she can get herself and I am sure, Cass off the streets. We are so glad she is there for him. We can only do so much and that is where Tiffany picks it up. She gets him to the doctor and she makes sure that he is taken care of.

Cass is just one person that Tiff takes care of out there. It has to be the mother instinct in us that can’t seem to look away when we see someone lost or confused. It makes us cry, it causes us to feel, I suppose it makes us understand what Christ sees. Therefore we can’t look away.

There’s a world out on the streets. A world I walk in every day, yet I can get into my truck and drive away. The worst feeling in the world is looking in the rearview mirror as our friends watch me until I can’t be seen anymore.

Do they then turn and walk to their camp or do they stand in that spot for several minutes wondering when I’m coming back. I guess it really depends if it’s Cass or not.


One Response to “Mental Illness/Cass”

  1. Tiffany sounds like someone I’d really like to meet!!! What a wonderful person she is!

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