Feb 20th/2010



We all decided this morning to have a visiting day. 

Heading out the door at 10 we set off for Dona Juan’s camp. He now has his nephew staying off and on with him. Off and on because his nephew spends time in jail off and on. He’s young, alcoholic and hasn’t figured out yet if he shows up on the streets drunk, he will get locked up. 

Nobody knows for sure if he’s really Dons nephew or not so we play along until we find out differently. 

We heard last week that Don fell over because of a seizure and an ambulance came. I am still unclear if he went to the hospital but Larry was concerned about him because he marked up his face pretty good,  so we figured we better check on the camp. 

He is doing fine and again I am not sure if the truth was told or not. You have to understand Don does lie “a lot”! 

From there we headed for the ICU over at the hospital. For 3 weeks Sue was missing. Well she finally surfaced and was located at the hospital. She is one very sick woman. Like the others that have died before her, her liver is shot. The doctor told her she has poisoned her body to the point that IF she takes in anymore alcohol she will without question die. 

Do I think if Sue gets out she will drink again? Yes! Will she one day die in the woods? Yes? So sad but so true. 

From there we went to find David and let him know what we found out about Sue. I told him that Sue CAN NOT drink anything alcoholic. David only said, “I can’t make anyone stop drinking.” That was not the answer I was seeking. David has drunk with Sue for years. He knows it is serious and due to the fact he has watched so many die already he sort of has become hardened to life and death. The reality simply gets drunk away sip by sip out of a mouthwash bottle. 

On we traveled from there and went to see Joe Joe. He is doing well. He showed us his stash of “ducks”. Ducks on the streets are the ends of cigarettes that haven’t burnt all the way to the end. On the streets the men take all the “ducks” they collect and empty the tobacco out to remake a rolled cigarette. Why Joe is doing this I don’t understand other than the fact the “Street” is still very much alive in him. He collects the “ducks” on the smoke break there at the nursing home. He waits until nobody is watching and then he collects his “ducks”. 

Last time I was there the nurse made sure he had no ducks. I laughed when I heard 3 weeks ago what he was doing. The nurse didn’t laugh. I was offended that she didn’t see the humor. Then I reminded myself that Joe may be inside but he has spent over half his life on the streets and this nurse has no clue. 

Can I be real here? I almost relish in the fact that due to Joes stroke he lives in doors however today I saw my old Joe who knows how to survive on the streets, who is a fighter.  I couldn’t have been happier. 

It has been a busy day, I am tired. I will keep everyone posted on any Sue updates. I did hear that she was moved to a room and out of ICU late this afternoon. I don’t believe she is out of the woods, Tim was put into a room also. He died not long after that. We keep praying. 

South side camp...Missy, David, Me, Paul


2 Responses to “Feb 20th/2010”

  1. Isn’t it funny how your ministry has changed? Before you did most of it from the church building and now you’re taking the church to them. As I said before, it’s the latest chapter in the book of your life!! Continue the good work wherever you go!

  2. So sorry to hear about Sue, she just can’t handle that poison in her system. Sherrells friend had the same problem but even with a nice home, family and money he still succumbed to the poison. I pray that you are able to help show them the light that will keep them from having dependance on alcohol to a dependance on GOD.

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