Honesty, great gain…


This picture here has been shown on my blog before. It has to be one of my favorites and since all three of them have a lot to do with what I want to write about today, I thought it only fitting to post it once again

Big Thom is on the left. I always tell everyone that Thom is my body-guard. He does actually watch out for me during waves in the system.

If I am around someone acting a little out of “normal” Thom won’t leave my side until I’m done doing what I have to do and only when I move into a safe zone will he go away.

Air Force Joe has been a charmer. He’s flirty and can con a pair of socks right off your feet with your shoes on. However AF Joe has always been respectful, polite and in no way ever put me in harm’s way. He in fact is to this very day extremely verbal about his protectiveness towards us.

Tim, seen here in the center has my heart forever. He took the time to teach me the streets when I was so green behind the ears. I could ask him “anything” about the cement world that he and the others live on and always Tim in very few words had me able to see what others couldn’t see. I was able to hear unspoken words not many try to comprehend and the gift of touch was heightened to a degree I often wished that it wasn’t.

My Tim passed away Nov. 14th of last year from Cirrhosis of the liver. Our bond was powerful and my loss is still great. We “all” miss him every day. When I walk the streets or pass the bridge I strain to see his small frame squatted down in a catchers position only to remember he’s gone.

I spent the better part of this week thinking about people. Our church has a wide variety of folks. Some come from the streets, others are retired and still others have a 9-5 they go to every day Monday thru Friday.

They are young and they are old. Good people.

What made me examine the hearts and motivation of people this week has been the oddity; if you will, on how some view their Christianity.

In my Life Recovery class’ I have worked closely with many many homeless alcoholics. Some if not all suffer from some degree of mental illness. I smile as I type this because in all reality I do believe that we all suffer to some degree of mental illness.

Now some may be naive enough to think that they are exempt from this statement. Yet I assure you, from the hundreds that I have worked with through our ministry I can place money on the fact that I’m correct.

That was a rabbit trail I drifted off onto so let me bring this all back to my point.

One fact I stress over and over in my class is honesty! Now you may desire to lie out on the streets or on the job or even in your own homes. However, if any of us wish to recover from “whatever” in life,,, Honesty, first and foremost has to come into play. Without it…well, our battle becomes much longer and recovery can take back seat to the game of life!

What made me think about this was first I thought about Christians! My bible clearly says we must love one another. It also says that love covers a multitude of sins. I also know that we must take the full council of the word of God whenever we examine a situation in our life; or as a minister, in someone elses life.

I pondered on the men I know, have worked with and have watched take great steps to leave homelessness behind.

I then gave great thought and prayer about the people who have what society would consider, lives that constitute conforming with an accepted standard of normal.

What it all broke down to after I was done “meditating” was my relationship with the men on the streets shot to a higher standard of respect than it did with people who supposedly had it somewhat together.

All consider themselves Christians and yet it was the 9-5ers that stabbed us in the back and lied their full heads off about what we may have said or may have done. Then they left the church!

The homeless men need me and our ministry without a doubt and I honestly believe that when we’re in disagreement with each other or have a spat they are way more willing to make it right for this fact alone.

On the other hand those that actually believe they are self sufficient and have another means to gain they are way more willing to lie. No back bone, just lie!

Are they Christians? Um, I don’t know. You see, my husband and I are just people. We make plenty of mistakes. However when we place ourselves in a congregation under the care of a shepherd we are allowing that Pastor to be the hands, feet and voice of our Christ.

When we open a dangerous door of lies we no longer are lying about the man but the man of God. So are they Christians? I suppose it is between them and God but I know homeless men that are quick to repent and make it right and their lives are prospering, growing and recovery has been astounding!

On the flip side…in the 20 some years we have been in ministry, those that forsook the meaning of the cross have lost so much more through deceptive lips.

Do we all lie? Oh please, yes we all lie. Should we? Absolutely not… however, we should heed the warning when our lies cover our own stupidity or ignorance and we are swift to shed innocent blood in order to attain a want in our lives.

In a nut shell, the homeless have an honest knowing; if you will, that they NEED God! The others they have become too wise in their own site therefore the need for the cross just doesn’t seem that great!

Honesty? It has great gain. This is the beginning of stopping any cycle of insanity in our lives. Some catch it while others simply blame everyone and everything to justify why we do or say what we do. The danger…they blame God. They blame the man or woman of God.

I’ll end here with what I tell many. Fly low to the ground in life. Low enough that all that people say just goes over your head. But more importantly, low enough that your knees bump the ground from time to time to remind you that you’re humble AND so that your close enough to the ground to bend on your knees and pray!


4 Responses to “Honesty, great gain…”

  1. I think of Tim often too. I think of the picture I took of him while he was talking, hands outstretched, making a point. I also regret that I never had the opportunity to get to know him better because that night he was arrested and sent to jail. Because you loved him, he meant something to me too-I was anxious to meet this “Tim”, and many others I’d heard about for so long.

    The song says that “you’ll know we are Christians by our love” and it’s true. You can’t be a Christian without love…for one another, the less fortunate, our families, our friends who sometimes do something that hurts. Forgive. Love.

    Tim showed his love in many ways, but most of all by being your good friend.

  2. AMEN! to this blog article Sister Jaye. I could’t agree with you more HONESTY is great gain. The Bible says that the truth will set us free…..and in order for anyone to be truly free….they have to be honest with themselves first. We have definitely learned that over the last couple of years working with the men on the street. They are probably more honest than most people that I have known in my life, and it is an honor to be able to work with them and point them towards the truth of Jesus Christ. I know that true salvation comes when we completely know that we are destitute with out a Savior……that we need Him in every area of our life and the men of these streets are desperate for hope and healing and so they cling to that life line that is thrown to them through World Vision Ministries …………..Jesus! I love and miss Tim Boone more than ever…..but i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tim is in heaven squatting and talking with his Jesus and that brings great joy to my heart. And I will continue to work by your side to help others to find what Tim has found. To others reading this…..I hope that you are able also to find what Tim found……a desperate search for a hope of a future that is better than your present……we can lie to others and we can even lie to ourselves…….but the Word of God will be the only Truth that will stand the test of time….this is a chance I am not willing to play with………..I love you Sister Jaye, Keep up the good work God HAS called you too.

  3. Honesty?? I wonder if some people know what that word means? If you do something to someone or with someone or whatever then you will at some point have to be honest about it. You can use other people to cover up for your own wrong choices, blame others, talk about others but in the end when the final judgement comes you will have to be Honest with your maker. For those of you reading this that have no clue what lying and creating mistruth’s for your own personal advantage, you too will pay for this. The old saying of “what comes around goes around” had not been more true. Truth and Honesty is what will set you free of your sin in this world.
    If you have some issue with accepting the truth for what you do with others, to others or around others then you have a lot to learn in this world.
    Just because someone doesn’t live their lives the way you would doesn’t make them bad people. It makes me wonder if they are really Christians or is it just a facade they have to make others like them. If you have to pretend to be a Christian so that you have friends or can feel accepted you really aren’t one and you need to take a serious look at yourself. Don’t blame others that can admit they have done wrong at one point or another and try to make it right. You may just be the one that needs to look in the mirror and ask “am I honest with myself and am I being fair and honest to others?” Can you answer that question with honesty and truth???

  4. Honesty also leads to understanding. If you can sit down and talk with your “enemies”, you can learn what brought them to this point and perhaps find a middle ground where you can both go your own way without recourse.

    The men you work with understand honesty. They also understand and value friendship. If you’re honest with yourself and others, then friendship comes naturally. It’s important to remember that. If you can’t be honest and kind, then you need to sit down and have a long talk with yourself to find out WHY you can’t be a caring, loving person. Constantly finding fault with others proves that you aren’t happy with yourself which in turn, makes it impossible to BE the kind of person Jesus wants us to be.

    Your men may not have much monitarily, but they do have the peace that comes with knowing God, and being filled with love and honesty leads them to that.

    Love one another as he loved us.

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