Addressing Stupid today//

To all my friends and family, I love you and thank you so much for all your support…even when I feel as if I’ve failed.

Now also to my friends and family, excuse me a few seconds here while I address stupid. Ahh yes you all know the Stupids in society. The ones that have absolutely no life at all and live it on our blog. Yes, you have caught on, those Stupids!

The one’s that actually compare themselves among themselves and in their very small world believe that they have people really believing what they’re saying. Oh and yes the backstabbers of life. Did you notice the last post was never written with them in mind…how shallow to even think it was…and as Pastor always says something about dogs hollering the loudest. Yep, I would say they are looked upon as an animal. Lower than man’s best friend.

Sorry to you all that when I realised who was trying to post yesterday it was deleted and unread. I am a firm believer that trash should stay trash.

Through other means I let you know the stink was starting to stir again and to pray. Thank you, for the prayers. I am sure the stupid will try to respond again and if so it will be deleted. I will not waste anymore time on the stupid subjects, therefore we’ll just let delete do it’s job and as ALWAYS assume our Stupids will have their faces glued to my blog.

So do know as you comment they aren’t missing a word. Maybe you can teach them something since you all know we have non believers reading as well.

So tomorrow hopefully all this stupid will finally be behind us. I’m allowing the subject to drop. As my husband just told me while we tried once again to understand how or why we always get attacked because of their stupid was “don’t look back!” That is right, they are behind. The attempt to comment was yesterday therefore today has been a blessing.

Beautiful weather and great great people. Good church service and a wonderful Word from God. I’m happy and at peace and finally understand stupid is as stupid does. Makes them all kinda stupid doesn’t it?

Have a wonderful Sunday all. Even you stupids!


6 Responses to “Addressing Stupid today//”

  1. Its a wonderful time when you finally realize that some of these non-believers will never change. They are driven by Satan and they are there to do the things that will try to cause problems. Problems that they created and could change but then if they did they wouldn’t have a life, so they choose to go down paths that lead to nowhere with no one. Notice how they flock together? Birds of a feather flock together and they are thriving off of their own bad choices and when they see that you and your church survived, they still can’t handle it. Maybe it is because the mother of this group is jealous that her own daughter turned on her at one time and looked up to you as a role model. I think that maybe now she has been able to stir up dirt and turn her daughter against you and your ministry. If so, you did your part in trying to help when the help was asked for, but when she decided to turn another direction; the one who drove her away filled her mind with dirt again. So be it, you tried and if the choice is for all of them to hang together then leave them to turn their backs on the Lord and live a life with Satan.
    They know deep in their minds what is right, they are the ones who have to live with their choices.
    You are so right that is in the past and move forward, only those who continue to live in the past will have to deal with it.
    Love ya!!

  2. Here’s the big challenge. People who like to stir up trouble in any way do it for only one reason, and that’s to control others by their actions. The challenge is understanding this and letting it all go. People like this aren’t worth the time it takes to talk to them, listen to them, read what they have to say or feel the littlest bit of sadness over being treated poorly. I think it was Forrest Gump who said “stupid is as stupid does” and boy, is that ever true. Once the stupid people of the word wise up and realize they can do better by being nice than by being mean, THEY’LL be happier and so will everyone who comes into contact with them.

    However…they so rarely see themselves for what they are, they just get angry or figure they’ll “get even”. Is that a Christian thing to do? Or even a “religious” thing to do? Anyone with faith (be he/she a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever) knows right from wrong. Anything less is not professing one’s faith.

    AMEN, Jaye.

  3. By golly Sandy you GOT it! You don’t even know everything and you my dear sista figured it out. That’s really cool. I get so tired sometimes trying to explain stupid and when someone hears God it’s wonderful.

  4. I have received so many uplifting comments from people today. You all are great! Many people on FB had wonderful ideas for a new blog but hey, Satans not stopping what God is doing by spreading the truth of hurting people struggling with homelessness. That’s my job, I love it and excuse me here but “To Hell” with anyone that wants to hinder the work God has done. Some have no idea how tough I can get besides I have a few sisters that take no crap as well. Oh excuse me while I get my Praise on here folks. God is good and for those that came to church tonight, I ain’t getting out of my seat…trust me on this one.!!!!!!

  5. Well ladies….I don’t think I could have said it any better than that……..God is moving too much everyday for us to take the time to keep looking back……

  6. Hi stupids…ya still cking in aren’t you? :o)

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