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      Often writing on my blog I am forced to tell a story keeping in mind it must say what it is I want to say using as few words as possible. I’m a writer and often times I feel overwhelmed doing that.

I have completed one book and am waiting on a publisher…working on another, therefore shrinking what I want to say about the men and woman I work with daily that live on the streets can frustrate my “fingers.” Oh and as I said…me as well.

There are many needs when you are a homeless person. Simple things like toilet paper, shoe strings, a comb can weigh heavily on someone thus creating a short fuse which can become a volatile fight or argument. Silly as it may sound I do try to ease the tension by trying to provide items society takes for granted.

For anyone that hasn’t kept up with my blog over the  years and may not understand let me simply say that what I do and what I have in my heart to do for anyone out in the cement world I call the “streets” is NEVER trying to enable them to stay satisfied or comfortable with their lifestyle. My goal is to #1 drill into them that if they have any chance at all; to recover from their situation they are in, they must turn to God. I only know to give what has worked for me. # 2 would have to be honesty… I could continue on with my list of conditions I follow from my heart however that actually would pull me away from the post at hand. I do drift so just walk with me here.

This year I have branched out to south Columbus camps and also the camps on 2nd Ave. Two months ago the city came in and locked up all the guys in the south Columbus camp. We still haven’t been able to locate them now that they’re out of jail which pushed me up 2nd Ave.

Anyone from Columbus knows 2nd Ave runs close to the river.  Along the river are areas houses have been torn down and now the lots look like patches of woods and fields. Worn paths cut into these areas and at the end of those paths are camps.

A month or so back I was working with the men in this location and noticed the mosquito problem. If there is a mosquito 10 miles down the road it will find me. I also figured that in these camps there are dozens of others that mosquitos like to suck on just as much as they do me. 

I can’t remember how my sister Chris from Pennsylvania became involved but she decided to try to raise some money and purchase mosquito spray for the homeless.

It became a slow process for her and it didn’t look like we were going to be able to purchase many bottles of spray. She contacted her friend Andrea  who happens to be a CEO for AVON. Now you have to understand Chris simple was still trying to get donations. Yet Andrea had another plan.

She got word back to my sister that AVON was going to donate 100 bottles of  BUG GUARD  plus. This was a prayer becoming a reality.

Every day I was around the men I kept telling them to hold on because AVON was sending spray. Everytime I told them they would begin to scratch somewhere on their bodies and express how badly they needed it. Why is it whenever we mention mosquito we itch ourselves…

Anyway the day came. I pulled down the street and  maybe 5 guys were sitting along the curb. After I opened the back of my truck men and woman started coming from everywhere. Word spread quickly and in less than 20 min. we gave away about 30-40 bottles of  BUG GUARD plus.

We didn’t stop there. We went to 2 other camps and made new friends with our spray. You must understand at this point that many that we are now working with have a very difficult time trusting anyone. When I go into camps with socks, water and now our AVON BUG GUARD plus it has a way of relaxing the atmosphere and allowing me to do what I do which is trigger a desire to walk away from the streets and their addictions.

It does take time. Often years before I see success but that doesn’t mean change isn’t in operation. I have watched God take grief and despair and restore normalcy once again. I don’t quit is why I suppose it works. God won’t let me quit!

The faces that day were priceless. I had told them I was getting something for the mosquito problem and their toothless smiles indicated to me trust was building!

I rode around the streets the other morning in my little white pick-up truck looking for hot spots of homeless people. I came back later and told my husband I never knew so many were in several areas of town I had driven past many times but it seemed that they only come out in the mornings.

I was loaded with my BUG GUARD plus but I also was alone so I couldn’t stop. I will be going back and I imagine in a an hour all of my supply will be gone.

If you are interested in financially donating we here at World Vision Ministries certainly can use your support. It’s really simple to get involved and to help the homeless. For more information you can call Melissa at 706-718-1188 or mail your support to WVM   P.O. Box 2744,   Phenix City  Alabama  36868

A BIG thank you from everyone here at World Vision Ministries to Andrea at AVON!  It honestly is people like this that makes our job just a bit easier.



3 Responses to “AVON/BUG GUARD plus”

  1. Wow! Go Avon. That is just awesome. Do you have Andrea’s email address where we can send her an email telling her thank you for what she did. It would be so nice if more companies would step up and help people out. The work you do is wonderful. You and Missy keep up the good work and hopefully we will see you very soon!

  2. I got involved, everyone, because last year I was one of those who was eaten alive by the mosquitoes in the camps along the river when I was there visiting. And sometimes, one person can’t do it alone. Sometimes you have to ask for help. I thank Andrea and her assistant Barbara for what they’ve done. Small things can help to change a life. I’m so happy the Bug Guard is helping to make a difference!!

  3. If you want to write to Andrea, please use this address:


    She’s the CEO of the company so you may not hear back from her but she DOES read her e-mail!!

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