Talked to the murderer today

Whenever we work on the streets you always always have to allow every sence you have to be at its peak! Therefore walking up to the 14th Street Bridge today I began to take a mental check of every face I saw.

Shaky and Donnie saw us and stood to walk out to greet us before we stepped onto the bridge. We haven’t seen much of either one of them all summer. Both have been in jail more than out so it was really nice to see their smiles.

Once we were on the bridge 2 men stood off to the side and from what I picked up I felt from their body language they did NOT want us out there. So I quickly looked around them to make sure no drugs were making them nervous and only noticed beer cans. I guessed that if I walked up on drug use that that may be the reason they seems agitated with Missy and I being on the bridge. I saw none and kept walking.

All our men were thrilled to see us. I spotted Tony still sitting down and thought that was a little odd because Tony always greets me with a hug. In fact he usually calls me mom and this time he addressed me as Sister Jaye. Never can I remember in a long time has he greeted me other than mom.

Still feeling like something wasn’t right I asked him if I could have a hug which then he stood up and told me he was happy to see me.

Between Shaky and Donnie trying to hustle me out of 50 cents (Donnie) and a dollar (Shaky) I lost interest in how Tony was acting yet keeping an eye on the two guys to my right.

It was good to see the guys today. We chatted about this and that. Who’s in jail, who isn’t. The whole time I noticed once or twice one of the guys to the side kept jetting his eyes at me.

I’ve been on the streets hundreds of times. I personally know every homeless guy in the area. From the clothes these two were wearing I knew right off they weren’t living on the streets. However very often men use the bridge like a community bar so their woman don’t stay on their cases about drinking at home, they drink on the bridge with the homeless. I figured these two characters were visiting the local bar…”so to speak.”

Suddenly the taller one of the two started running his mouth about Russel dying on the bridge. He never yelled but his tone seemed angry and loud. My hearing being what it is I only caught bits and pieces of what his beef was. I really wanted to totally ignore him but he kept looking directly at me as he was speaking.

Russel was stabbed to death a few years ago on the bridge during a fight with “Love”. They both were drunk and I don’t remember a lot of details other than it involved a homeless woman Love was having a relationship with and Russel was trying to throw her in the bridge over Chicken!!!

Funny chain of events if you believed the story love told but it’s how Russell ended up dead from a knife stab by Love.

Love was arrested, the newspaper did a story and interviewed me. I knew the men (and woman) involved and just gave my opinion. Love read what was said in the newspaper from jail after his arrest and word came back to me that Love did not have nice things to say about me.

Today when this guy started going on about Russell death it took me a few minutes to remember what happened 2 1/2 years ago. He talked loudly about why Russel deserved to die and again I only half listened not sure understanding his point!

Suddenly Tony spoke up and got my attention saying he was leaving. I looked at him as he lowered his voice and said “I want you both to leave the bridge before I go.” I felt a warning going off inside myself not knowing why but I trust Tony. He protects Missy and I when we’re on the bridge and if he’s giving me a warning I felt like we needed to follow the warning. I figured Tony knew something I didn’t and I told the men I had to go.

Tony walked with us off the bridge and I again felt like he wanted to tell us something so I let him and Missy go ahead of Shaky and I because Shaky wasn’t done with his hustle with me. He worked on me 2-3 more minutes until he understood I was giving him no money. I then climbed into the car and Missy started to drive away.

She said “Tony didn’t want us to stay out on the bridge with Love.” Lights, bells, whistles started going off in my head. Russels murderer was the guy wanting to challenge me into a debate. (Not enough evidence got Love out of the murder charge)

I started laughing when I finally understood it was Love. He had gained weight in jail! He also has glass’ on now. I also knew again God had blinded me. This is NOT the first time God has blinded me to a situation. If I had known it was LOVE!!!! I would have taken on the challenge of what he was saying which would have ended maybe in a bad way. It’s a long drop down to the river! I didn’t feel like getting wet today and besides Russel wasn’t the first man Love has killed…he’s killed before.

I know God protect me when I’m on the streets. Today was a great example of that.

The story of Russels death is on this blog somewhere. You may have to go back a few years to find it, in fact I think I will as well. I am sure I’ll be running into Love again and I want to remember the facts.

Missy was pretty upset with Love but I had to remind her that he’s had a few years to stew over what I said. He’s probably chewed me out hundreds of times and today, finally he got his chance. I hope he feels better because it’s funny I didn’t even know who he was. OH but if I had!!!! Nah I’ll leave it alone.


3 Responses to “Talked to the murderer today”

  1. Interesting story…and even more interesting that you didn’t recognize him. Just goes to show you that sometimes small changes make SUCH a big difference. I’m glad you left on Tony’s advice. Chances are nothing would’ve happened, but you just never know. You’re still doing good work though. I’m proud of you!!

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