He sits on death row!

If you are like me you often think that your life is traveling in a certain direction. Then when it curves towards the left you stop and study that curve and contemplate on if you really want to continue on.

I could not even begin to count the curves I’ve taken in my lifetime. There have been many I have flat-out ignored but you know what? When I look back I can see how God has gently led me back to the curve and I hesitantly took it and it actually wasn’t that bad.

Life? It is what it is and we must accept the fact it is ever-changing. Sometimes ways…wow sometimes ways we never dreamed, but at the same time, ways we welcome.

My blog as we all know deals a lot with the homeless men I encounter on the streets. I often meet men that  are killing themselves every day with alcohol.

Also from my blog others of you know I have written a book. I don’t have a publisher as of yet but I also do know that on my journey that curve in the road is yet still ahead of me and I will take it.

Jumping; if you will, in another direction I want to stay on some sort of track here and explain what I believe.

I am pro death penalty. If a man or woman murders someone with a pre meditated thought I have a clear conscious knowing from what the bible says that I could vote and say he/she should go to death row. I say this with very little hesitation.

Five years ago a young man I know and a friend of Missy’s shot and killed a man he had worked for, to get drug money.

When I heard the news my heart sank. I knew David was forever in trouble but I had no idea as the years ticked by that he became a alcoholic. Not just an alcoholic but a heavy heavy drug user.

I followed his trial through the newspaper and even though he was heavily under the influence …he loaded a gun and walked to Kyle’s garage. A jury of his peers found him guilty (which he was) and gave him the death penalty. (which again David did deserve)

Now five years later he sits on death row.

Because Missy was a good friend if you will of Davids many years ago, in fact he lived off and on at her house when he was homeless, recently Missy began writing to David. She began to explain to me how remorseful he is that it ever happened and that through it all he found true forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

I became interested in what he had to say.

One of the letters he wrote to Missy I read and I cried. Yes I believe David should be sitting in his 5 by 8 cell 23 hours a day with no human contact. He killed a man, a friend and destroyed many lives. However I couldn’t run away from the fact that many years ago now I could have been David and I found myself drawn to him.

I found myself wanting to know the man who sits on death row so I asked Missy for his address and I wrote.

David has lots of time to write so it took no time for me to receive a letter back.

He mentioned something in his letter about how he always wanted to help young people avoid the road that he took. See David saw a curve to the right instead of the left and he took it.

When I think about David I remember the young guy I met many years ago and recall at that time that I wanted to say something prophetic into his life to steer him away from the way which I saw he was going. I tried in an awkward way and I guess it wasn’t enough because he became worse as the years went by. But I did try!

Today when I think about David I don’t think about him as a bad guy. I think of him as a guy who made very bad choices. He is a murderer but as a Christian I have to look beyond that fact and be a friend to the man he has become these past five years.

He asked me a question in his last letter. “Why did God allow a guy as kind as Kyle, even though I am the one who pulled the trigger, Why did He allow Kyle to die?” His question blew me away. He wasn’t asking for himself, he asked for Kyle.

I sat and thought to myself, David I don’t know. So I asked Freddie the question why? Freddie explained to me that he believe that God allowed Kyle to die so David would find salvation in Christ. See we often concentrate on the here and now but God is concerned about our eternal future with or without HIM! Obviously David if he were to die would have gone to hell.

Kyle was a Christian man. An older man. He has a family that still needs him to be a part of their lives and they miss him every single day.

Are they mad at David still? I suppose so.

I have asked David to allow me to write his story. He will never be a free man ever again here. But if he gives me his words I can write them in a book so that his words to young people can be heard.

New curve in the road. I’m going to take it and I need your prayers to be able to effectively write the story of a very young man sitting on death row.

Life? It is what it is but sometimes we need the help of others to live it. That sometimes is being a voice for someone else that needs to be heard.




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