It is what it is

A few weeks back a friend from my high school days (Beth Britton McCarney) got in touch with me after hearing about the work we do with the homeless.

She and her husband Rick had some clothes and blankets they wanted to bring to me for the men.

We always get excited whenever someone contacts us and shows care and concern for the people we help take care of. Often we hear very little from people. Not saying that they don’t care or pray but it’s always welcoming to see a new face.

The past few weeks have been difficult to say the very least. Watching Joe Joe waste away can drain our emotions. He’s angry and still very bitter and many visits he just yells at us. We walk away not feeling very chipper!

We do understand where it all comes from. Yet it doesn’t make it easier.

Homer has been in and out of the hospital. He was found under the bridge with no blankets passed out from an evening of drinking vodka with Rio who by the way was tossed off the bridge by 2 men that got angry because Rio didn’t have a cigarette for them. Homer was under the bridge the whole time but remembers nothing. (figures)

 He did live from the fall because of the tree that broke his fall and of course God Almighty. Broke his arm and 3 ribs and is able to see another day.

Homer has been struggling with his memory since he was released from the hospital and his right leg is not operating properly. Not being able to get a complete physical from a Dr. we all just guess at what might be wrong.

Thursday of this week Missy and I loaded up everything we had into my truck. Hats, gloves, jackets, sweatshirts, jeans and even underwear. I am a firm believer that we have to let go in order to receive new. That includes even clothes.

First stop we didn’t get rid of much. Beth had brought jeans that were a bit larger than our usual sizes of 30/32. I remembered a place in town where I knew men would come out of the woods as soon as they knew a car pulled up and suggested we give it a shot. These men were a little larger than the men on the 14th Street Bridge so the jeans would really be appreciated.

In less than 15 min. my truck was empty.

The men were fantastic. Very polite and kind. Whenever I work out on the streets I am forever amazed at the favor the Lord always gives me. The men never get out of line and never get flirtty. I am treated with so much respect that it often just blows me away.

Pictured here are just a few that stayed around for a photo shoot. I told them I would come back with a football and we could get a game started. Well anyone that knows me knows that I will get that football and I will be back. The men were excited.

Ya see to some they may wonder what the heck does football have to do with ministry. Especially a pastor’s wife. The Pastor maybe… but his wife?

First off my husband doesn’t care for sports. I do! Second thing is I am a white female, my husband is a…well, male. Being a woman with a football with a group of men in an open park where traffic flows back and forth and people are walking around and I feel safe I simple say, “Are you ready for some football?”

Do you have any idea how that opens doors for me to share Gods Word  and not only that but to help the men remember there is more to a day than sitting around in a park waiting on the next feeding program to open or to be able to score their next rock of crack.

It’s great to get high on just fun! I also know they won’t be pulling any crack pipes out with me there.

The bible says to have friends we must first be a friend. So, I want to be their friend and once I’ve built trust even if it’s with a pig skin called a football Then I have ears willing to hear what I say. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~sweet~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The temperature is dropping and the wind has started to pick up. My mind switches back to the men I know will fall asleep with the smell of dirt as they say their prayers tonight. (yes, they do pray) Will Homer remember to get up for his ride to church tomorrow? Will David? Will either one of them risk sleeping under the bridge knowing Thursday night the police told them if they are under there again they’ll go to jail?

Is Shaky really with Carl or was Don too drunk on Davids vodka to really know where they are.

Wheres Thom and is Sonny out of the hospital or is he still out of his mind and being held until they can put him as well into a nursing home… Will it be the same one as Joes?

Thank God for His grace. Before I let you go let me tell you about the guy that stabbed Russell to death. If you go back a few years on my blog you will find the stories of that awful night on the 14th Street Bridge.

Love was the man arrested for his murder but because of all the circumstances Love was released. Once Love was back to being a free man he was very angry at me. He thought that I said bad things about him and whenever I was around him he often ran his mouth loud enough for me to hear.

Love had murdered before Russell and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to being #3! So I prayed and avoided him on the streets.

Last Saturday he came up to me, Missy and my husband and told us he was sorry. I finally was able to explain I never said what he thought I said. We gave each other a hug and he now wants to come to church.

I do love my job. Not because Love is no longer mad at us but because I get to see how God can soften a 2X murderers heart that once hated me very much to a heart of forgiveness. That friends is something that only God can do.

Have a great week and remember all the homeless on the streets of America the next time you want to complain because you’re cold sitting in your homes.


One Response to “It is what it is”

  1. Nice update, Jaye. It was good to hear about everything that’s going on with you and the guys. Did you ever have the football game or is that something that’s going to happen soon? Please send pictures!! Keep up the good work!

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