Loved today, I wish it would start over,

“Loved today, I wish it would start over…”

Today as I was reading the comments on my Face Book I came across this very profound comment one of my little friends posted, “Loved today, I wish it could start over!”

My breath held for a few seconds and my eyes moistened while in a flash I thought about what little Cassy wrote and in seconds remembered everything she is going through.

Isn’t it amazing how so many times it takes us a lifetime to say what we are thinking and only seconds for us to think it? Yet Cassy said something she thought>>> and said it.

I guess from a child’s perspective it’s actually just that simple and as adults it somehow becomes very complicated.

Cassy’s mom and dad are going through a separation and soon will be divorced. She loves both her mom and dad and they love her and being little she has no ability to stop a decision they have to make.

Last week she found out her grandma; that her, her sister and mom are living with, has cancer. It’s terminal and everyone’s hoping and praying for a miracle from heaven and again something Cassy girl can’t control, but she can however control loving the day.

The Bible tells us to go to the Father as little children. To me that’s not to say we must regress back to acting and behaving as children but to learn to lean on and depend on God above just like a child. With that dependency we learn to hope, trust, wish and surrender to that unwavering Faith that God is who He says He is and He will do what it is He said He will do!

This morning at out Addiction Recovery class and Sunday afternoon when I ministered to the ladies in jail I am forever smacking into a wall when they refuse to believe and understand that we have a God that wants it all. I believe He wants us all to be like Cassy at the end of our days to say “Loved today, I wish it would start over.”

I hear so much more the desire for our days to end so we can go to sleep. I watch men and woman bound to substances that enable them to crave after death! Of course visiting Joe Joe is emotionally exhausting; watching him hating the notion he is yet alive for another sunrise.

I so often walk away hoping I said something that would stir a desire up in people to at least try to live again. Not live again the way you want it to be but to just live again to maybe get a bit closer to being able to say what Cassy said…”Loved today, I wish it would start over.”

She has every reason for her circumstances to control her day but she is much more mature than most adults I know and is able to step onto her circumstances and live in the beauty of the moments to the point she wants it all to start again.

The Bible also says that often He speaks out of the mouth of babes. God speaks and way too often we ignore because we just can’t get past ourselves. Too many times we’re high on the fact that we’re miserable.

For instance the new girl in our group denies she has a drinking problem.  She came to appease her friends. I flat-out ask>>> “Do you think you have a drinking problem?” She replies, “No.” Simple, I tell her “OK then don’t drink for a year!” Her reaction was as if I slapped her. When I hugged her as she was leaving I whispered in her ear, “You can’t do it can you?” She again says “No.”

“Homer, the seizures are coming when you drink too much. Pace yourself by drinking when you must get rid of the shakes. Take control or buddy you will die alone under this bridge.” Homer’s response, “I can’t.”

Folks all these negative answers are true, we can’t! But we can learn a great lesson in Cassy’s comment and that is we can give it a darn good try. I mean a real try! Attention from getting high on our cloud of misery seems to work for some but why not have days that you only wish they would never end?

Days we decide to be powerful instead of pitiful!

Ahhh if I could only get an ear to hear and a mind to understand. It’s up to us to bow low and ask God to give us the strength.

“Loved today, I wish it would start over!”  Give it a try.



3 Responses to “Loved today, I wish it would start over,”

  1. What a great blog post. Awesome Jaye…much to think about!!

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  3. WOW…Powerful words….. but not surprised that they came from Cassy …that little girl loves God!!

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