Dillingham Camp

What can 200 dollars of cold cash get you if you live down at Dillingham Camp? Most of you got it, drunk for 6 days. No food, no water, no bathroom breaks. Just sitting in one spot drinking beer for 6 days.

We checked on the guys off and on all week just to make sure everyone was still alive knowing how much alcohol was being consumed. In fact nobody even got into any fights which is not at all surprising. “Keep the peace and you get to stay and drink for free.”

I can imagine the other question…”Where did a homeless alcoholic  get 200 bucks?” I can’t tell you. Some information I can’t say but I will say nobody got robbed or hurt.

I guess I am posting this just to say that at times like these I feel totally helpless and also feel that some have taken 20 steps backwards when lately they have done so well.

It is all part of the work we do but it also can sure wear you slap out. The conversations were not amusing and the laughter was ignited from a drunken blitz which I found angered me more than anything.

Pictured here is Johnny and he is holding his side. He fell over a fallen tree and it appears he broke some ribs which will have to heal on their own.

Next week I’ll pick up where they have landed and we’ll all get going again. Love can’t walk away but I just might love them all up side their heads…. Have a nice week-end!


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