Jackass Fleas!

Why is it that about once a year a flea or two jumps off the jackass and tries to get a ride on me>? I am referring to last week, I was set up by the entire family of Naomi.

I was forced to remove the picture I had up of Naomi because I honestly believe that her family would notify her children in Florida and encourage them to read it only in order to hurt Naomi whom I was accused of ruining yet in the process hurt the children. Make sense? Absolutely not, however, when the enemy attacks it never makes sense.

I refuse to bow down to “jackass” fleas and will continue to do what I do. I have successfully accomplished great strides with my work and have gathered a fantastic group of readers. Readers not interested in being voyeurs but readers that pray, cry and compassionately care about every individual I have ever written about.

The flea that attacked wanted to know why I don’t share my own trash, testimony, life… they obviously didn’t read very much. Of course there’s like 4 years of work here on my blog however!!!! It is intricately interlaced with my story that leaves the reader no guesswork of what I have overcome. Therefore I believe my hands remain clean.

I understand I owe no one an explanation as to why I mentioned on FB that rumors were being stirred about the blog and why. Just really wanted readers to understand that there are mean people out there that when good is being done they honestly think they have the power to stop it. They don’t!


One Response to “Jackass Fleas!”

  1. You’ve done nothing wrong other than to tell the story of someone who can’t tell her own story. You’re doing great things Jaye and if some people don’t like it, well, then too bad.

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