Rachel…(aka, Naomi)

Missy called…”I’m at the house Rachel’s staying at…there’s police everywhere. She’s lied…” Missy continued to tell me. She told the police she is Melina Hampton. Melina is Rachel’s sisters name. Her sister that died a few years ago from huffing computer cleaner. She adopted the name after she broke probation because she knew the birthdate and social easier than an imaginary name. Running from the police can be an adventure.

We knew all this for months. Melina died in the state of New York and when the local police run a name they run it in the state of their jurisdiction. Therefore the few times Rach has been in a car that was stopped she was always left alone. No warrants for a Melina.

Missy asked what she should do. Our girl was still walking around but was not permitted to leave until the investigation was over. She was Melina but drugs were found under the mattress she was sleeping on. To make matters worse, she and her pimp boyfriend were “Shake and Baking.” Manufacturing Meth! They had it all and Rachel was only visiting, so she said…

Missy told Rachel to come clean and being high Rachel just cried. Missy also told her that if the police questioned “HER”, she was not going to lie. My lady hung her head and said she understood. She also told her that no matter what happens… we weren’t leaving her. We would be by her side the whole time. Again Rachel cried.

I was sitting here at my house while all this was going on and praying and hoping somehow the police would figure out who she was before she got away again. I didn’t want Rachel to be exposed by Missy in front of her so I told Missy to sit tight. I prayed.

Last week we were with Rachel at the emergency room. She had shot up (banged) a wild mix of meth in her arm and her arm was extremely swollen and hot. She called us because she was scared.

Before she was seen at the hospital, her boyfriend/pimp took her home and found some antibiotics for her to take. Does that surprise me???

That afternoon in emergency Rachel looked more fragile than I had ever seen her. Her clothes as small as they were were hanging off of her body. She couldn’t keep her thoughts straight and didn’t want us to leave.

I had to save Rachel’s life by making “one” phone call. A phone call I do not regret making but a call I honestly wish could have been dialed by someone else’s hand. She had to be exposed before she got away… I text Missys husband, who is a Columbus police officer. “There is a bust going down right now on a street to the right off Macon Rd. just past the cemetery. Contact someone there and tell them Melina is Rachel.”

He text and said he was on his way there and I quickly text back…Missy is there, don’t let her see you and to please make sure Rachel doesn’t either.

You must understand. I am a minister. Anyone that works with me understands we don’t ask if you’ve been in prison or not. We don’t care if you’re an addict. “IF” by chance I find out anyone has a warrant I keep my mouth SHUT!!! HOWEVER…if it is a sex, murder or any violent crime I have been known to turn them in. Those are my rules, I stick by them. The people on the streets know if I am asked anything by the police, I will not and anyone working with me, will not lie.

Missy knows Rachel’s dying but also you have to understand these people become family. Rach is like my daughter, she calls me mom. Missy has become a big sister and they tell each other everything. I knew Missy, because of her tender heart… she couldn’t bust Rachel unless she was flat-out asked and nobody was asking.

Being mom…I could.

Donald called back and said he saw Missy, Missy didn’t see him and he was able to talk to an officer around the corner who was on his way to the bust. Seconds after I hung up talking to Donald, Missy text me and asked if she should go rat out Rachel.

I called Missy…I told her it was over, they know who she is now and I wanted her to leave. I did NOT want Missy to see Rachel coming out in cuffs. Missy asked me quickly how they found out who she was. I told her it was me, I hung up and cried.

Today my heart is broken. I KNOW!!!! I did the correct thing. No doubt! Our lady would have died, but I often wonder why God? Why couldn’t it have been another way. I put Rachel away for a long long time. I want to hug her like I did at the hospital and again tell her it won’t be this way forever… does she remember what I said?

Last night her one phone call after she was booked she called Missy. She told her she was arrested for probation violation, manufacturing and possession. She began to cry when she said…”I am going to prison a long time.” Missy said she stopped crying and quietly said she was glad the running is over.

Rachel also asked Missy to call Billy, her ex husband who has custody of their children in Florida; because of her lifestyle, and to tell him to love on the kids. Billy is a great guy. Rachel is so proud of how he’s taken care of the kids and she visits them as often as staying clean allowed. They know their mom is a drug addict and prostitute but they also know she won’t ever disrupt their lives, so to speak, by being around.

She cried last night on the phone with Missy…for her children.

Being a minister at the jail I can visit Rachel by phone and camera 5 days a week. I can ask to go to her cell block Sunday. Right now, I am hoping she won’t be in the one I go to. I say that for her, and I say it for me. Emotionally, neither one of us could handle that.

In the days to come I will explain to her that it was me who blew the whistle on her. When she is strong enough and clear minded. My Rachel won’t be mad but I owe her the truth none the less. She told me once, you won’t call the police unless you think I am in danger>>> I told her she was right. She said she understood.

This has been a wild ride with Rachel the past 5 months. I have been in more shady, dirt, roach infested motels in this area than I care to admit. I have entered into the drug world and learned things I never dreamed I would ever know.

I finally know what crack smells like when it burns, and how it ruins someone beautiful!

I know pimps by name, know phone numbers and address’. I also know that because of who I am and the work I do, phones get answered and motel doors open to let me in. Funny! They know I am their friend, but I’m not going to lie.

They all have their rules and I have mine. I refuse to cross an imaginary line yet all the time they cross it to come closer to my side. That can only be God. I know it and I believe they do too.

I am a friend to the sinner. I have sat on a prostitutes bed and laughed. I also have cried rivers of tears. I have beat the streets looking and asking, “Have you seen Rachel?” Now I no longer have to look. My one call, put her somewhere safe. Tonight she is alive.

“Maybe God wanted to see if I could do it…” I told my husband. “Maybe as much as I love that crazy girl, and knowing she possibly could hate me forever… could I save her life in such a way as this?”

“Maybe” my husband said. “She is now able to see another day…” I know he is right, I just wish there was another way. I will miss her when she goes away. I will miss her bad!


2 Responses to “Rachel…(aka, Naomi)”

  1. I know this was very difficult for you to do but I know you did the right thing. She might be in jail for a long time, but someday, she could come out a whole, healthy person. I am very proud of you, and Missy, for doing what few others will do. HUGS!

  2. Sometimes in the silence of my mind I often wonder just how many times can a human heart be broken before it’s finally had enough….I don’t really believe that there is a definitive answer to that question….but i do know that in this ministry we have faced many heartbreaks along the way and I know that we will face many more in the future….and I completely believe that God has efficiently equipped us for this call. I always tell people that I am honored to be able to work along side Jaye and Pastor Freddie…..to witness the love of God in it’s truest form…..and that is to love as Jesus loved…..without criticism or judgement…..to welcome anyone with open arms that is reaching out for that helping hand….anyone who is desperately looking for any glimmer of hope…..I will miss Rachel like crazy if and when she will be sent away without a doubt….Jaye….I cried fairly uncontrollably through out this blog. I know that making that phone call was the hardest thing you’ve had to do…..but thank you for not making me have to look Rachel in the eye as I told on her….I love you!!

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