New Day Starts…NOW!

Simply… was just thinking about something this morning. 

Three years ago I ran a program at World Vision Ministries inc. We fed breakfast to…30-50 men/women 5 days a week, I had chapel service every morning before breakfast. I ran a shower program which gave certain homeless men the privilege to have their own locker to keep personal items in, a shower, clean clothes, tents, sleeping bags… etc. We took homeless men/women to doctor appointments, the VA to catch a bus regularly to the VA hospital. On and On… We held church service 3 times a week and I had an addiction recovery class 2 nights a week.

We have prayed endless hours for broken hearts and broken dreams. Looked under bushes, behind and in buildings for many men that disappeared for days. Made hospital visits and picked many if not hundreds up from emergency rooms because they knew no matter what hour of the day or night we would come.

I could not count the arguments I have had with homeless men bigger than a bus only to walk away smiling and hugging knowing we truly became family. The love and respect we shared can not be explained…

I have stepped over men who knew they could pass out or fall asleep at my office door because it was safe and nobody would have them arrested. 

I have spent hours sitting at my desk listening to men argue and much deeper…I have heard men cry sobs of tears because they could not get free from their addictions. They never knew momma Jaye was behind the blind at the window praying and crying with them.

Those stories and many more ended when we had to close our doors. Why? Because of money. Oh we had plenty of food, clothes, supplies donated every day. Money to pay rent, utilities? No, not many gave regularly and the few that did…when our doors closed? So did their check books yet we haven’t stopped.

New stories are made yet we still struggle financially. Why? People don’t give.  My husband and I are about to embark on the biggest financial decision we have ever made. The program for the women leaving jail. I also still have a need to work with the men on the streets/prostitutes. Pray for us, pray for yourselves and see if God would not have you come along side of us and partner to continue the wonderful work we do on the streets and “Brown Stone”! The name of my new program for women leaving jail/prison or an addiction program whom will live 12 months free in order to become successful, finally in society.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated on the progress. It will take God and we all know God works through people. Open your hearts and don’t shut your bowls of mercy because you don’t understand. Just know, I do and the work will continue on.


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