Homers story continues

OH come on…You have to be kidding me?

I have worked with the homeless in our area for 7 plus years. I have been in every hospital emergency room to the point the staff knows us and always know that we are there to see about someone who looks like they have been drug by the neck through the mud several times. Please, we don’t need the room number…we just follow the smell of alcohol. We’ll find them!

Who needs to walk at the park when you have the hospital parking lots and halls of the hospital to walk down several times a week…

Homer… He has been in a  room at the Medical Center a little over a week now. He is awake which is nice. Often when one of “ours” ends up in the hospital they are in really bad shape and sleep so being able to talk to Homer has been a plus in many ways. It also has been the most upsetting. He has no idea where he is, who we are or why he is on a bed.

Yesterday Missy received a call from the hospital emergency room. The lady on the other end explained to her that they had one of “ours” there. Missy starts thinking… Mike? Shaky? No! HOMER!!!! What? Why is he in the emergency room? He has been in a bed up on 7th… OH it gets better.

They released him Wed. Medically the doctor said he is fine?? So, the hospital took him to one of our local Homeless Shelters. Nice of them except for the fact that this Homeless Shelter is unable to deal with anyone that has no idea who they are or where they are! All the local shelters are like this. So, they call an ambulance after I suppose realising he is a sick man mentally and they take him back to the hospital. Good? Nope, gets better…

This time they just open the door and let him go AGAIN!!!! Now we have no idea where he went but we do know another ambulance took him back to the hospital. I suppose after digging in his medical records they found our number. They call and want us to tell them what to do with him. OH Missy was fit to be tied! She reminded them that his mind has shut down. Yes they say but medically he is fine. What? Mental illness is NOT fine. Especially for a homeless person. He has no idea where he is.

Ah but here is the catch. Missy explains that he receives 1200 dollars a month. “Hold on please while I connect you to another dept.” NOW…that they know he gets money… they plan to hold him until they can get him into a nursing home. Money? Money is the reason you will help this man now?? 

Finally last night Missy located Homers sister. It took 6 days but she now is aware that her brother needs her help. If the staff knows someone is watching the whole game suddenly has new rules. I do not get it. The nurses have been great! I am talking about how our medical facilities are set up. This man can get lost, hurt, die if he is released because there’s nothing wrong with his body. OK, I get that but hey his mind has snapped…remember?

Today…back to the hospital to do battle for another man. Yes he is an alcoholic and yes he came in filthy. He IS homeless. HOWEVER!!!! He is a human being that is lost. A stray dog would not be let out to become stray again so why is Homer? Just a thought.


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